Life Science and Healthcare

At JunHe, we have been counseling domestic and foreignlife sciencescompanies on their investments in thelife sciencesand healthcare sector in China since the 1990s. After thirty years of practice, JunHe has become one of the few full-service law firms in China with particularly strong practice in this sector. Wehave strong expertise inthe entire life cycle ofmedicalproducts and services. We render quality services to all stakeholders in the industry. Our strong expertise and extensive experience in the sectorhave been repeatedly illustratedbythepioneeringdeals wehelp our clients to achieve.

Our Team

Our life sciences and healthcare practice group comprises professionals from multidisciplinary practices, including dozens of partners and approximately 100 associates. Our life sciences and healthcare team of lawyers has vast experience in advising clients in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, private equity/venture capital, intellectual property, compliance and dispute resolution. They have been involved in many high profile transactions and have represented the most active clients in the life sciences and healthcare sectors, offering them value-added, creative and practical legal solutions.

One-Stop Service Rooted in the Industry

Based on our in-depth understanding in the industry and wide-ranging client relationships, with our high sensitivity to business operations, product features, industry trends, and to the relevant legal issues, we are equipped to fully understand the commercial intentions of our clients, and make accurate legal judgments on the business plans of our clients, as well as propose strategic suggestions that are operable in practice. 

In regard to the industries of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, we are able to provide regulatory services for clinical trials and product registrations and IP transaction services related to product development and license; with regard to corporate finance, we are able to provide legal services for private placement/venture investment and capital market for enterprises in the industry; as for the daily operation of enterprises, we are able to provide legal services related to compliance, labor, taxation, and dispute resolution. Benefiting from JunHe’s unified internal management, cross-sector and cross-regional lawyers are able to work closely with each other under unified coordination and guidance, and provide comprehensive and high quality services to our clients.  

Recent Representative Cases

We offer our clients legal capabilities and services across the whole industry chain of pharmaceutical products, including:

  • Drug discovery and patent application;

  • Drug-diagnostic co-development;

  • Preclinical research services;

  • Design, management, filing and technical cooperation of clinical trial plans;

  • IP licensing and transfer in every stage of drug development;

  • Registration of drug license holders, applications for new drug approvals, and registration of imported drugs;

  • Commercialization, manufacturing, marketing, sale and distribution of drugs;

  • Lifecycle pharmaceutical compliance consulting

  • Drug adverse events and recalls, civil claims by patents and clinical trial participants; and

  • Government investigations, administrative penalties and dispute resolutions with respect to the foregoing issues.


We advise life sciences and healthcare companies on the full spectrum of issues in every stage of the life cycle, including:

  • Incubation and acceleration of new enterprises and products;

  • Establishment of, and license application for, various life sciences and healthcare companies;

  • Angel investment and seed funding;

  • Corporate restructuring, including the restructuring of red-chip structures and the restructuring of dismantled red-chip structures;

  • Design and implementation of employee incentive plans;

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and collaborations;

  • Early-stage venture capital investments and subsequent pre-IPO private equity financing;

  • Domestic and overseas IPOs on China’s A-share market, the HKEx main board, NYSE and Nasdaq;

  • Post-IPO asset restructuring, acquisition, going private and delisting of listed companies, and relisting of delisted companies on the STAE market;

  • PIPE, SPAC, back door listings and spin-offs;

  • Debt restructuring of public or private companies;

  • Corporate dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy;

  • Various dispute resolutions in connection with the foregoing matters; and

  • Providing general legal counseling services for the day-to-day operation of life sciences and healthcare companies.


We represent all types of businesses in the life sciences and healthcare industry, such as:

  • Multinational and major domestic life sciences and medical device companies;

  • Biotechs, biopharmas and big pharmas;

  • Medical equipment production, API and intermediate production companies;

  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMO);

  • Contract research organizations (CRO);

  • Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO);

  • Contract sales organizations (CSO);

  • Service providers of pharmaceutical inspections;

  • Various healthcare facilities, such as full-service hospitals, specialty hospitals, chain medical examination institutions and medical clinics; and

  • Domestic and foreign investors and financial advisors focusing on investments in the life sciences and healthcare sector.


We provide a full range of legal services to meet the needs of our clients across all aspects of life sciences and healthcare issues:

  • Legal counseling on general corporate matters;

  • Legal advice on transactions and the design of transaction structures;

  • Legal due diligence;

  • Drafting and negotiation of transaction documents;

  • Assisting in closing;

  • Post-closing integration;

  • Dispute resolution;

  • Issuing legal opinion;

  • Design and implementation of employee incentive plans;

  • Issuing legal opinion on IPO projects;

  • Providing legal advice and assistance in government investigations;

  • Consulting, internal investigations and assistance with respect to corporate compliance in matters including but not limited to pharmacovigilance compliance, anti-commercial bribery, data security and privacy protection, EHS audits, antitrust, and human genetic resources compliance; and

  • Merger control notifications and legal advice on other antitrust matters.