Our Team

JunHe has a team of partners experienced in providing specialist legal services in the education sector, including several partners who have many years’ experience in each segment of the industry. JunHe’s education law team is an interdisciplinary cooperative group, and all members of the team are legal professionals. They have vast experience in various sectors such as compliance, corporate and M&A, listing and bond issuance, both at home and abroad. They have experience in real estate, private equity/venture investment, intellectual property rights, taxes, and labor and dispute resolution.

Core Areas of Practice

  • Consulting on compliance with the classified management of private schools, including legal risk investigation of a school before the selection of classified management, providing legal plans on the selection of classified management and assisting in the implementation thereof, assisting schools in the establishment of modern school systems, alteration of organizers, legal settlements, deregistration and alteration of registration;     

  • Merger and acquisitions of educational institutions, including the demonstration and design of transaction structures, due diligence, contractual negotiation, transfer of equity interests, and post-investment management; 

  • Domestic and overseas listing of educational institutions, including pre-listing compliance audits, reorganization, issuance of legal opinions and legal reviews, and listing applications and responses in respect to prospectus and other listing documents; 

  • Foreign investment, including the design of the model of investment in the education sector, policy analysis, legal documents and foreign exchange control involved in the process; 

  • Dispute settlement in relation to any person engaged in the education business, including disputes over administrative penalties, disputes over the right to organize, and disputes over joint school management.  

One-Stop service in the education industry

Due to JunHe’s in-depth understanding of the education industry and the specific needs of its customers, the company can fully understand the intentions of its clients, and make accurate legal judgments regarding their business plans.  We are aware of the highly sensitive nature of the business needs of the different entities in the industry, and can provide advice in many areas such as running a school at different age levels, the current trends in the education industry, as well as all related legal issues.

There has been massive reform in the education sector recently, as well as the rapid development of the non-government funded education sector, and we are able to provide up to date investment and financing legal services. We have experience in areas such as establishing modern school systems, routine legal risk management assessment, M&A and restructuring, capital increase and share expansion, and share transfer and listing, both at home and abroad.  We can provide legal services for non-profit public educational institutions, particularly in their restructuring to become profit-making private educational institutions, and assist them in the handling of various disputes arising from the preparation and operation of private educational institutions. We can also participate in litigation and arbitration where necessary.

With reference to the administrative departments of education systems and public welfare, JunHe’s legal services include the prevention of economic and civil risks arising from industrial construction, and management in education and public welfare undertakings and dispute settlement. The company is also experienced in dealing with administrative departments, assessing the performance of administrative service functions, and other relevant administrative legal risk prevention and dispute resolution matters.

JunHe has assisted public schools in formulating internal management systems in regard to relationships between schools and teachers, between teachers and students, as well as between schools and the administrative departments in charge of education. JunHe also provides legal feasibility studies on the relevant programs in respect to cooperation between schools and various entities, including jointly running a school with an enterprise, and interschool communications, as well as controlling the legal risks involved; it also assists schools in handling personal and property safety accidents.

Recent Representative Cases

As one of JunHe’s important business teams, the education law team has accumulated a number of classic cases through active exploration and innovation.   

1. JunHe advised on an innovative joint running of a school project between China Resources Land Limited and the Government of Luohu District of Shenzhen Municipality. The project involved exploring a new model of cooperation in running a school by a State-owned listed enterprise and the government, and also an exploration of the introduction of social forces in running public schools. The project was intended to set a good example of novel enterprise-government cooperation. JunHe provided solutions in respect to the design of a cooperation model, prepared  the cooperation documents, gained an understanding of the education policy, planned the school’s future strategy, and established an education fund. JunHe handled this innovative case of a school jointly run by an enterprise and a government, and of running public schools in a new way. 

2. JunHe advised on the acquisition of universities and kindergartens by the Agile Education Group. The project involved a large number of targets with a broad geographical distribution, and it had three main features: many complicated local policies, a complex transaction structure and large transaction amounts. The project was a typical case where the real estate enterprise forcibly enters the education sector. JunHe provided professional legal services in respect to an application involving the latest policy in the education sector, designed the transaction structure, focused on regulatory reviews and their practical implementation, assessed legal risk and business control, and satisfied the business requirements of the client. JunHe was highly praised by the client in this case.