Private Client Practice

Over the past few decades, personal wealth in China has grown rapidly. People have become increasingly concerned about preservation and growth in wealth, as well as estate planning. JunHe’s private client team helps clients design a customized solution for the management and division of family businesses and assets. JunHe’s team can help build a firewall between individual assets and corporate assets for risk control, implement tax planning as well as prevent and respond to disputes over inheritance.

Our Team

Our private client team has partners specializing in different fields. Private client practice involves corporate matters, capital markets, tax law and labor and dispute resolution, and our clients benefit from the rich experience of our team which is comprised of more than 880 professionals, including 240 partners and counsels from our thirteen offices both within and outside China. We work in close cooperation with the leading law firms in the field of private client practice from many foreign countries and regions. Therefore, we can use our rich international experience on one hand and our thorough understanding of China on the other, to provide domestic and international private client solutions and relevant legal services to our clients.

Core Fields

Family Businesses

  • Draft family agreements for family members to own and manage family businesses, and avoid potential disputes in business management and distribution of profits

  • Estate planning regarding family businesses, and the sale of family businesses to non-family members

  • Provide advice on the organization and investment in startup companies

  • Pre-IPO planning and post-IPO governance of family businesses

  • Employee manuals and corporate rulebooks and policies for family businesses

  • Ascertain the equity interests in family businesses, and optimize governance structure

  • Inheritance of the equity interests and assets of family businesses

Estate Planning and Trusts

  • Wealth management planning for marriage of high-net-worth clients and their children

  • Prenuptial agreements and marriage agreements, divorce and litigation

  • Estate planning of high-net-worth clients

  • International trust

  • Estate planning involving multiple jurisdictions

  • Wealth management and estate planning


  • Tax planning for transactions and businesses

  • Advise on tax issues of enterprises, individuals and transactions

  • Tax planning and compliance


  • Domestic and international transactions involving real estate, art, yachts and air planes and related financing arrangement

  • Sale of equities or assets in China or other jurisdictions

  • Equity or asset investments and transactions in China or other jurisdictions

Family Philanthropic Planning

  • Charitable giving and charitable organizations

Dispute Resolution

  • Help clients resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and/or litigation