Administrative Law

In recent years, administrative litigation cases in China have shown a significant growth trend, and the central government, as well as governments at all levels, have attached great importance to the construction of government by law. However, at present, there is a lack of well-known law firms operating in the field of administrative litigation and non-litigation. There is a big gap in the numbers of professional lawyers engaged in administrative law and the increasing demand for professional lawyers and their legal services.

In response to this situation, JunHe has continued to innovate and leverage its own domestic leading law firm platform to focus on developing litigation and non-litigation business in the field of administrative law, becoming the first domestic law firm to pay close attention to this field. After great effort, JunHe has provided administrative law-related legal services to many domestic and foreign clients, fully participated in relevant litigation and non-litigation businesses, and accumulated vast practical experience in the area. Through the integration of high-quality resources and key input from both inside and outside the firm, JunHe has formed a team of administrative law lawyers and consultants that has won the trust and praise of its clients. The team has the ability to provide clients with first-class legal services in the field of administrative law.

Legal Team

JunHe’s Administrative Law Team is positioned to become the most authoritative and professional consultant team in China. The team is composed of experts, scholars, senior administrative trial experts and senior lawyers with solid administrative and legal backgrounds and rich practical experience. The business area involves administrative litigation, administrative legislation, administrative management, and focuses on administrative legislation and administrative management behavior. By providing professional administrative legal services and opinions to government and enterprise clients, JunHe’s team promotes the state’s implementation of scientific legislation and strict law enforcement to promote the modernization of the national governance system and capacity.

Many members of the team have both Chinese and foreign law education backgrounds and hold practicing qualifications in multiple jurisdictions. This enables the team to provide the best local administrative law services that are in line with international judicial developments, thereby meeting the various legal service needs of both domestic and foreign clients.

With its unique advantages in the following areas, the team is committed to maintaining efficient and high-quality service standards. In a series of cases in the field of administrative law, JunHe has eliminated many hidden dangers and reduced losses for its clients, successfully safeguarded client’s legitimate rights and interests, and gained high recognition from clients.

  • There are many advantages of resource sharing: JunHe's teams of lawyers are a terrific resource for the partners of the firm as they specialise across many different business areas. The firm shares all relevant legal experience and resources, and can deploy the most appropriate personnel to take charge of corresponding cases. They can allocate the best resources (including contacting expert consultants, media public relations, handling government relations, etc.) within the scope of the firm, fully ensuring that JunHe provides efficient and high-quality legal services to its clients.

  • Advantages of teamwork: JunHe’s lawyers implement a close teamwork model.  In the process of handling administrative law cases, if you encounter problems in other legal areas other than administrative law, lawyers of different specialties of JunHe can participate in the project team according to business needs, and regions or business areas do not restrict team members.  This mode of work guarantees and optimizes the efficiency and quality of lawyers' cases while effectively reducing costs for clients.

  • Advantages of government resources: The team has established and maintained good working relationships with the relevant Chinese government authorities and judicial institutions over the years, including but not limited to industrial and commercial authorities at all levels, tax authorities, customs, public security agencies, prosecuting authorities, courts etc.  JunHe conducts precise and effective communications with relevant departments, institutions and organisations in a timely manner with regard to the extent, limit, and trial practice applicable to the relevant existing laws and regulations in practice and other issues.

  • International advantages: The team’s partners and lawyers have excellent legal education backgrounds at home and abroad, and many partners and lawyers have practicing experience outside China.  JunHe maintains close collaborative business relationships and links with law firms and industry organizations in many different countries and regions.  Additionally, it is the only Chinese law firm member of the two international independent lawyers' organizations, MULTILAW and LEX MUNDI.

The types of legal services provided by JunHe in the area of administrative law include:

  • Legal services (acting as legal counsel to government authorities at various levels);

  • Representing parties in administrative litigations (including representing administrative subjects or administrative counterparts, third parties) in administrative litigations;

  • Acting as an agent for the administrative counterpart to provide legal services on administrative reconsideration procedures;

  • Carrying out various types of administrative law related to the field of legal risk assessment;

  • Participating in legislative activities of governments at all levels, including participating in the relevant research and providing legal advice;

  • Participating in administrative investigation in the whole process and formulating corresponding strategies and schemes according to the demands of enterprise clients;

  • According to the characteristics and requirements of its clients, JunHe provides tailor-made training and interactive simulation case analysis for executives, in-house lawyers and compliance personnel.