Administrative Law

With the development of the Chinese administrative law system and continuing establishment and improvement of the dispute resolution system, administrative litigation cases in China have shown a significant growth trend in recent years.

JunHe is one of the top law firms in China and is aware of the growing needs for clients  in the area of administrative law. For years, JunHe has developed its professional capabilities and has provided administrative law-related legal services to many domestic and foreign clients. This includes conducting legislation research and assessment, advising on administrative decisions, advising on administration investigations, and representing clients in administrative reconsideration proceedings and administrative lawsuits. JunHe has accumulated vast practical experience in the area. Through the integration of high-quality resources and key input from both inside and outside the firm, JunHe has formed a professional team consisting of administrative law lawyers and consultants that has won the trust and praise of its clients. The team can provide clients with first-class legal services in the field of administrative law.

Legal Team

JunHe’s Administrative Law Team is composed of experts, scholars, senior administrative trial experts and senior lawyers with solid administrative and legal backgrounds and rich practical experience. All of our lawyers have received a solid legal education either in China or overseas and have outstanding knowledge in administrative law and administrative procedure law, both locally and overseas.  The business area involves administrative reconsideration, litigation, legislation, and management and focuses on administrative legislation, management behavior and dispute resolution. The team provides professional and quality administrative legal services and opinions to government and enterprises, promotes the Rule by Law, and assists its clients to eliminate hidden troubles and mitigate losses. They secure the legal rights and interests of their clients with protection, and are highly recognized by their valued clients.

Taking advantage of JunHe’s platform, JunHe’s Administrative Law Team can allocate the best resources (including contacting expert consultants, media public relations, handling government relations, etc.) within the scope of the firm, so that the clients benefit from JunHe’s integrated platform. The Administrative Law Team implements a close teamwork mode and team members are unrestricted by different regions or business areas. This guarantees and optimizes the efficiency and quality of our lawyers' cases while effectively reducing costs for clients. Further, the Administrative Law Team conducts precise and effective communications with relevant departments, institutions and organisations in a timely manner regarding the extent, limit, and trial practice applicable to the relevant existing laws and regulations in practice and other issues.

Primary legal services provided by JunHe with respect to administrative law include:

  • Advice to the Government: Acting as the counsel for government authorities, providing advice on how to rule by law for government clients, evaluating if an administrative decision complies with laws and regulations, and assisting with the drafting and revision of important legal documents.

  • Representing Clients in Administrative Reconsideration Proceedings and Administrative Litigation: Representing administrative bodies or administrative counterparts or third parties in administrative reconsideration proceedings and/or administrative litigation, including making statements for them, assisting them in adducing evidence, representing them in hearings/court sessions, and making defenses and arguments for them; 

  • Assisting with the Resolution of Disputes over Administrative Agreements: Acting as the counsel for parties to administrative agreements, representing such parties in proceedings for the resolution of disputes over administrative agreements, assisting with the demonstration of resolution plans, representing clients in any settlement or mediation, and acting as the agent ad litem of clients;

  • Participating in Legislative Activities of Governments at all Levels: Participating in and advising on legislative research and the drafting and/or revision of regulations, rules and normative documents, participating in demonstration meetings for legislation, providing assistance for legislative activities, provide legislators with comments on how to improve legislation;

  • Participating in Administrative Investigation and Assisting with the Formulation of Corresponding Strategies and Schemes: Participating in administrative investigations in which our enterprise clients are involved, assisting our clients to analyze and demonstrate the legal risks and produce strategies and schemes, and submitting defenses and arguments and proffer evidence for our clients;

  • Tailored Trainings and Interactive Simulation Case Analysis: Providing government authorities, trade associations, enterprises and other clients with training and lectures in relation to administrative law and regular legal consultations and mentoring, so as to enhance the ability of our clients staff members  to solve problems with respect to administrative law.