Media, Entertainment and Sports

JunHe is a law firm in China that is at the forefront of law practice in the areas of media, entertainment and sports. After accumulating vast experience through many well-known cases in this area, JunHe has formed a team with comprehensive expertise in media, entertainment and sports practice, and has always been a leader in the industry.

Our Team

JunHe’s media, entertainment and sports team is composed of over 25 specialized lawyers, including 15 partners and counsel. They mainly work in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, where the media, entertainment and sports industry is the most active. The lawyers in this team possess not only profound legal knowledge, but also deep understanding and vast experience in the areas of media, entertainment and sports.

Key practice areas

JunHe’s media, entertainment and sports practice is in broad in scope, including cultural industries (film and television series production, publishing, distribution, printing and reproduction, advertising, show business, game, theme parks, cultural exhibitions, animation, and arts and culture), the sports industry (sports games and sports brokerage) and the telecommunications and media industry (the operation of telecommunications networks, computer networks and cable television networks, and e-commerce).

Experts in providing full service in Media, Entertainment and Sports Law

With their advantages in knowledge, expertise and social resources in media, entertainment and sports practice, JunHe provides a full range of legal services on various types of media, entertainment and sports projects, and is particularly strong in the areas of legal opinion regarding laws and policies, document drafting, and the negotiation and design of transaction structures.

  • Cultural: legal services related to movies, TV series, animations, music, artworks, performance brokerage and other cultural products;

  • Sports: legal services related to sports events, acquisitions of sports franchises, and general commercial issues affecting players and athletes;

  • Telecommunications: legal services related to the internet, e-commerce, online publishing, online audio and video programs, online cultural products, internet finance;

  • Media: legal services related to print media (newspapers and magazines), television media (television and radio), and advertising;

  • Derivative Products: legal services related to copyright, trademark, franchise, right of reputation, comprehensive intellectual property, rights in theme parks, etc.;

  • Celebrities and other high net worth individuals and families: legal services related to family/cultural charitable trusts, charitable contributions, individual/family wealth management, family/cultural charitable foundations, and cultural charitable projects; and 

  • Privacy and information protection: legal services related to compliance and policy, employee issue, investigation and litigation and data safety.

An industry-leading team with unique strengths 

Taking advantage of the following unique strengths, JunHe’s media, entertainment and sports team is devoted to assisting clients effectively and efficiently in realizing their business goals:

  • Coordination of government relations: we have built a long-term positive relationship with the relevant government authorities, and have full and accurate understanding on the applicable scope and limitation on the prevailing PRC laws, regulations and policies;

  • Advantages in resource sharing: we share and deploy business resources within the firm in a uniform fashion, allowing the branch offices at different locations to work seamlessly as an entire team, whereby lawyers from different practice groups can cooperate with each other while serving clients; 

  • Familiarity with the media, entertainment and sports industry: we are the pioneers in China regarding legal practice in the areas of the cultural, sports, entertainment and media industries, and have built a specialized practice group over many years. We have provided specialized legal services for large-scale international entertainment and sports events that have taken place in China;

  • Provision of supporting value-added services: JunHe has 18 expertise areas, including investment, securities, mergers and acquisitions, funds, taxation and labor law. When a client is in need of comprehensive legal services involving multiple areas, our lawyers from different areas can provide real-time support under close coordination.