Primary Land Development and Urban Renewal

In the area of real estate and construction, “primary land development and urban renewal” projects have gained more attention from governments, property owners and real estate developers.  Through primary land development and urban renewal projects, governments are able to repurpose areas in raw land developments and renovations. Property owners and real estate developers are some of the major participants who may gain benefits.

JunHe’s real estate and construction team has vast experience in the field of primary land development and urban renewal. Our lawyers provide first-rate legal services and are also in possession of comprehensive industry knowledge, enabling them to provide strong support and professional services to their clients. Our lawyers use both Chinese and English as their working languages and can communicate smoothly with domestic and foreign clients, which is helpful for clients to realize their business goals.

Clients of our primary land development and urban renewal projects cover large-size domestic and foreign real estate developers, financial institutions and local governments. JunHe has participated in many unprecedented representative projects, winning high praise from our clients.

The legal services provided by JunHe in real estate equity merger projects include:

  • Proposing transaction schemes: assisting clients with an analysis of the pros and cons of different transaction schemes and paths; 

  • Conducting due diligence investigations: conducting legal due diligence investigations and issuing DD reports;

  • Preparing transaction documents: drafting, reviewing and modifying various transaction documents (e.g., primary land development entrustment agreements, land acquisition and reserve agreements, land consolidation and preparation agreements, urban renewal cooperation agreements, requisition compensation agreements);

  • Participating in business negotiations: carrying out negotiations with counterparties on behalf of clients;

  • Providing legal advice and/or issuing legal opinions: providing legal advice and opinions on PRC law-related issues and upon request by clients, issuing special legal opinions;

  • Assisting in closing: assisting clients in procedures such as title deregistration.

Recent Representative Cases

Land consolidation and preparation by China Merchants Group of 2.9 square kilometers at a Qianhai logistics zone

JunHe represented China Merchants Group and its subsidiary China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd. in its land consolidation and preparation of 2.9 square kilometers of land parcels in Shenzhen Qianhai Bay and the establishment of a joint venture with the local government. JunHe provided a full-range of legal services in the project, including evaluating the compensation value, the benefit sharing and the internal interest allocation involved in the land consolidation. They also were involved in the preparation based on the governmental policies on land consolidation and preparation, participated in the establishment of the joint venture, participated in communications and negotiations with the government, and reviewed all the transaction documents.

Several primary land development projects invested by China Development Bank Capital Co., Ltd. 

JunHe represented China Development Bank Capital Co., Ltd. in several primary land development projects in Pinggu, Fengtai, Huairou and other sites in Beijing. JunHe provided a full-range of legal services in the projects, including conducting due diligence, conducting research on local primary land development policies and practices, evaluating the transaction structure and drafting and negotiating the transaction documents.

Primary land development projects by China Railway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. in Haozhou and Tengzhou 

JunHe represented China Railway Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. in its primary land development projects in Haozhou, Anhui and Tengzhou, Shandong. JunHe reviewed the framework agreement and the cooperation contract, and provided legal analysis on the PRC-law related issues and the risks involved in the projects.