Restructuring and Insolvency

JunHe’s restructuring and insolvency team has years of experience in providing outstanding legal services in areas such as bankruptcy liquidation, bankruptcy reorganization, voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation and debt restructuring. It is one of the first groups of law firms listed on the National Judicial Register of Bankruptcy Administrators.  

Our Team

JunHe's restructuring and insolvency team is composed of ten partners and legal counsels, and over 20 lawyers.  The partners and legal counsels each have over a decade of experience in restructuring and insolvency practice. The team includes a lawyer awarded “Best Lawyer in restructuring and Insolvency  practice” by Chambers Asia-Pacific, an experienced lawyer engaged in the restructuring of listed companies, an experienced lawyer in taking over financial companies in difficulties, a senior judge who has been involved in hearing bankruptcy, liquidation and related businesses, and an individual administrator selected to the local court’s register of bankruptcy administrators.

In recent years, our restructuring and insolvency team has represented more than a hundred cases in respect to bankruptcy, restructuring, voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation, and debt restructuring projects (including litigation and arbitration cases), involving industries such as photovoltaic, metallurgy, mechanics, foreign trade, shipbuilding, military, textiles, energy, real estate, chemicals and investment. 

Due to our outstanding performance and reputation among our clients, our restructuring and insolvency team has consistently been recognized as a “Leading Law Firm” in respect to its restructuring and insolvency practice in China by Chambers Asia-Pacific, a world-renowned rating agency for commercial lawyers.  

Highly Adept Skills of our Commercial Legal Team

JunHe’s restructuring and insolvency team has extensive expertise in fields such as investment, M&A, capital markets, finance, litigation, labor and taxation and is adept at determining risk levels from multiple perspectives and discovering the best solutions. The team is known for balancing respective interests in an accurate and timely manner, so as to procure the successful regrouping, restructuring and/or impartial liquidation of enterprises. 

Commercial Resources

As a leading full-service firm, JunHe has extensive influence in the business field and has many commercial resources. Numerous Global 500 and China’s top 500 enterprises are loyal, long-term clients of JunHe. JunHe also has positive cooperative relationships with many overseas financial institutions, financial investors and strategic investors. The firm is able to assist enterprises seeking strategic and financial investors by relying on their client and social resources, increasing the enterprises’ chances of successfully regrouping and restructuring for the best possible result. 

Core Areas of Practice

  • As designated by the People’s Court, acted as the solvency administrator and took charge of the bankruptcy liquidation, restructuring and settlement in respect to the debtor 

  • As designated by the People’s Court, acted as the liquidation team and took charge of a compulsory liquidation 

  • As designated by the administrator or liquidation team, acted as the legal counsel and provided specialist legal services 

  • Advised the debtor in respect to the independent management of properties and business affairs under the administrator’s supervision during bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

  • As designated by the creditor in a domestic and international case, represented it in liquidation, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, to protect its lawful rights and interests 

  • As designated by the shareholders, represented them to in the liquidation, bankruptcy, restructuring, voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation and other proceedings, to protect their lawful rights and interests

  • As designated by the investor, assisted it in the selection of investees and represented it in the acquisition of enterprises in insolvency

  • As designated by the regulatory department of finance, organized the implementation of the custody, clean-up and closure of various financial institutions 

  • As designated by the overseas investor to provide legal services in respect to the dissolution and liquidation of the domestic investee

  • As designated by the overseas administrator, represented it to apply to the People’s Court for the recognition of a foreign bankruptcy administrator and the takeover of assets located within China

  • As designated by the domestic entity, represented it to participate in foreign bankruptcy proceedings in capacity of the shareholder or creditor of a foreign enterprise or to acquire a foreign enterprise in distress

  • As designated by the interested parties, dealt with all kinds of litigation and arbitration related to dissolution and bankruptcy etc.

  • Cooperated with international organizations, industrial associations and academic societies to work on research projects in respect to insolvency and restructuring