Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Liquidation

JunHe’s restructuring and insolvency team has years of experience in providing integrated legal services for governmental working groups, bankruptcy administrators, shareholders, creditors, debtors and investors. Our award-winning lawyers are experts in out-of-court debt restructuring, risk management for financial institutions, bankruptcy reorganization (including pre-packaged reorganization), bankruptcy reconciliation, voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation and winding-up. JunHe is named on the list of court-appointed bankruptcy administrators in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen and holds a first-class bankruptcy administrator qualification. JunHe has leading experience in areas such as the bankruptcy reorganization of listed companies, the consolidation bankruptcy of group companies, administrative takeovers of risky financial institutions and bankruptcy management. Several of the bankruptcy cases where JunHe lawyers have acted as bankruptcy administrators were recognized by the Supreme People's Court and provincial high people's courts as typical cases, and subsequently named as deals of the year or classic cases of the year by many domestic and foreign rating agencies.

Our Team

JunHe's restructuring and insolvency team is composed of over 15 partners and legal counsels, over 50 associates, paralegals and secretaries. The partners and legal counsels each have over a decade of experience in restructuring and insolvency practice. The team includes lawyers that have been named “Best Lawyer in Restructuring and Insolvency practice” by Chambers Asia-Pacific, lawyers experienced in the restructuring of listed companies and taking over distressed financial companies, and an individual administrator selected to the local court’s bankruptcy administrators list. JunHe has an integrated staff management and specialized practice management system, which allows it to flexibly assign staff members from all offices and practice groups at any time to serve large and complex bankruptcy projects according to the project’s needs.

Due to our outstanding performance and reputation, our restructuring and insolvency team has consistently been recognized as a “Leading Law Firm” in restructuring and insolvency practice in China by Chambers Asia-Pacific, a world-renowned rating agency for commercial lawyers.  

Comprehensive Business Law Services

Thanks to the integrated management and broad coverage of practices of the firm, JunHe’s restructuring and insolvency practice can fully integrate with other legal fields such as M&A, capital markets, finance, litigation, labor and taxation. Our lawyers can identify risks from multiple perspectives and propose solutions that balance all respective interests in an accurate and timely manner, to finalize and efficiently implement restructuring plans. 

Potential Commercial Resources

As a leading full-service firm, JunHe has extensive influence in the business field with rich commercial resources. Numerous Global 500 and China’s top 500 enterprises are loyal, long-term clients of JunHe. JunHe has positive cooperative relationships with many domestic and overseas financial institutions, as well as financial and industrial investors. In restructuring and insolvency projects, our firm provides professional legal services, and empowers clients and projects by leveraging our social resources. We can assist enterprises to discover industrial investors, identify financial investors and seek partners, so as to increase their chance of successful restructuring or to generate the best proceeds from asset disposal. 

Outstanding Cross-Border Insolvency Service Capability

We are committed to providing high-quality global legal services to our clients. A significant number of our lawyers can communicate and work in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean and other languages, and are able to provide foreign legal services in cross-border insolvency cases in multiple languages. They have represented overseas liquidators, investors, creditors, bond trustees and other relevant entities in a number of cross-border insolvency projects and undertaken complex cross-border insolvency cases as bankruptcy administrators appointed by Chinese courts. 

Core Areas of Practice

  • As designated by the People’s Court, acted as the administrator and took charge of the bankruptcy liquidation, restructuring and settlement in respect to the debtor 

  • As designated by the People’s Court, formed the liquidation team and took charge of compulsory liquidation 

  • Provided legal advice to administrators and liquidation teams

  • Advised debtors and their shareholders on the independent management of assets and business affairs under the administrator’s supervision in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

  • Assisted debtors in restructuring, pre-reorganization, bankruptcy and debt reorganization proceedings

  • Represented domestic and foreign creditors in liquidation, reorganization, debt settlement, out-of-court restructuring, voluntary liquidation and compulsory liquidation proceedings to protect the lawful rights and interests of creditors

  • As instructed by shareholders, provided legal services with respect to the dissolution and liquidation of invested companies, represented shareholders in restructuring by agreement, reorganization, debt settlement, liquidation, out-of-court restructuring, voluntary liquidation and compulsory liquidation proceedings in respect to invested companies to protect the lawful rights and interests of shareholders

  • Assisted investors in the selection of investees and representing them in the acquisition of reorganized enterprises or bankrupt estates

  • Advised financial regulators on the custody, clean-up, closure and liquidation of distressed financial institutions

  • Advised creditors, debtors or liquidation obligors in filing bankruptcy petitions

  • Represented creditors, debtors, shareholders or investors in the pre-reorganization proceedings for the benefit of clients; acted as provisional administrators or supporting agents to provide legal services in pre-reorganization proceedings

  • Advised foreign investors on the dissolution and liquidation of domestic investees

  • Represented foreign liquidation/administrators/receivers in filing applications to the People’s Court for the declaration and recognition of their identity and authority , and then further to the takeover of assets located within China

  • Represented domestic entities as shareholders or creditors of overseas companies in bankruptcy proceedings abroad or as investors in the acquisition of foreign enterprises in distress

  • Advised stakeholders on all kinds of litigation and arbitration related to dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy

  • Worked with domestic and international organizations, industrial associations and academic societies in research regarding insolvency and reorganization issues