JunHe was one of the first Chinese law firms to deliver legal services relating to competition law.  Our lawyers play key roles in the formulation of regulations, rules and guidelines under the Chinese antitrust framework, and are leading voices in the establishment and improvement of the Chinese antitrust legal system.  Due to our specialized legal knowledge, in-depth legislative insight and strong government relationships, JunHe’s competition law team is a leader in this practice area, acting for clients in almost a sixth, on aggregate, of all cases of antitrust filing in China, and has a remarkable presence in the fields of legal services in respect to antitrust investigation, compliance and litigation. 

Our Team

JunHe’s competition law team consists of nearly 20 professionals, including partners and associates, based in our Beijing and Shanghai offices.  Our competition law team includes academic lawyers, former officials who have previously been responsible for merger control review, as well as experienced lawyers with advanced legal knowledge.  Abreast of the latest trends and developments in Chinese competition law, our lawyers regularly share their views on the theory and practice of competition law in various professional journals, and are often invited to speak at domestic and international conferences.  We are known for our adroit handling of complex competition law matters and have become the top choice for leading domestic and international companies.    

Key Practice Areas

  • Assessing whether merger transactions will trigger filings for concentration of undertakings, assisting in adjusting merger structures and assisting clients in merger control filings; 

  • Reviewing and revising commercial contracts and agreements from the perspective of avoiding horizontal and vertical agreements, abuses of dominant market position and providing related legal opinions and recommendations;

  • Drafting and reviewing compliance manuals relating to competition law and providing competition law training;

  • Advising clients in regard to competition law-related administrative investigations;   

  • Representing clients in civil actions, administrative reviews and administrative actions involving competition law.

Extensive Industry Resources

Through many years of practicing competition law, JunHe’s competition law team has built strong working relationships with competition law regulators, having earned their trust through our focused work, in-depth legal knowledge, and extensive hands-on experience.  Regulators often seek our attorneys’ opinions on complex and difficult competition law issues. Our attorneys are regularly invited to speak at government seminars and to participate in the drafting and amending of relevant laws and regulations.  JunHe’s competition law team has also established close personal relationships with other preeminent law firms at home and abroad.  We cultivate our industry resources to deliver timely, efficient and superior services to our clients. 

Remarkable Performance 

JunHe’s competition law team has achieved remarkable performances in the field of competition law.  In field merger control filings, JunHe’s competition law team has dealt with nearly 300 filing cases, assisting clients to obtain unconditional approval in many major cases, proposing to clients effective remedial measures in cases involving competition concerns, and helping clients to obtain conditional approval within a short period of time. In several anti-monopoly investigation cases, JunHe’s competition law team has assisted clients in responding to government investigations and achieving positive results, such as regulatory decisions of not initiating a case, exempting punishment, reducing penalties and/or requesting a commitment to rectify. In the field of anti-monopoly administrative litigation and civil litigation, JunHe’s competition law team has handled several influential cases in the industry, including the first administrative monopoly case and the first vertical monopoly agreement case since the implementation of the anti-monopoly law.