Environmental, Social and Governance

JunHe is a pioneer in environmental, social and governance (ESG) legal practice and has one of the largest environmental and work safety (EHS) legal teams in China. They can act independently or in collaboration with third party intermediaries to conduct sustainably-oriented, customized EHS compliance evaluation for clients in various industries. The ESG team conducts ESG due diligence investigation in supply chain management and M&As, and drafts ESG reports for corporate clients or third-party intermediaries. JunHe relies on different legal and compliance teams in multiple areas such as ESG, EHS, anti-trust, labor law, intellectual property, trade and data, finance and tax, commercial and criminal compliance. We carry out ESG-related legal and compliance audits for clients in their day-to-day operations, draft and review ESG clauses in contracts, build and enhance ESG compliance systems for investors and enterprises, identify ESG disclosure requirements, and provide services related to green financing, ESG training and other full-life cycle services. JunHe’s ESG and EHS teams serve a broad range of clients including PE/VC funds, financial institutions and companies in industries such as chemicals, materials, medical, aircraft, automobile, semi-conductors, engineering technology and testing, food and consumption.

JunHe maintains close working relationships with the top law firms around the world, including Latham & Watkins’ global environmental practice group. They regularly collaborate with Latham & Watkins, the Environmental Law Institute and the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China in an initiative for the establishment of the China International Business Dialogue on Environmental Governance (CIBDEG) and the organization of other roundtables and activities. In 2019, CIBDEG won the “Innovation in Collaboration” award from the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers.

JunHe’s ESG legal services include:

  • System building for fundraising, investment, the management of and withdrawal from funds including the drafting and reviewing of bylaws, processes and tool documents

  • ESG due diligence services for funds/investors in their fundraising, investments and M&As

  • Advice on ESG due diligence, peer group mapping guidance and management enhancement

  • Advice on supply chain ESG due diligence and supply chain management enhancement

  • Special EHS compliance audits for enterprises and supply chain EHS compliance audits

  • Drafting and reviewing ESG clauses in various types of investment, cooperation and commercial agreements

  • Identifying voluntary and/or compulsory EGS disclosure requirements for listed and non-listed companies

  • Reviewing ESG disclosure information and third-party evaluation reports in financial and credit projects

  • Reviewing ESG reports, systems and related policies of listed companies

  • Providing ESG management system training at different levels for employees of various levels

  • Legal advice for companies and investment institutions on their participation in carbon emissions trading

  • Drafting agreements for carbon emissions trading, trading of green certificates and the trading of environmental rights and interests and derivatives thereof

  • Legal services related to the issue of onshore and offshore sustainability-linked bonds, green bonds and carbon neutral bonds

  • Legal services related to the granting of green loans by bank consortiums

  • Legal services related to the investment, financing and construction of renewable energy projects

  • Routine legal services for carbon assets management companies

  • Legal services related to disputes regarding purchase contracts of environmental rights and interests