Japan-related Business

Our Japan-related Business Group offers a unique combination of local knowledge of Japan and international law firm experience. Our attorneys thoroughly understand the intricacies of Japanese industry and culture. With fluency in the Japanese language and customs and the full support of JunHe’s international platform, we offer our Japanese clients and their entities formed in China a full range of legal services, with a particular focus on investment, daily business operations, dissolution and liquidation, corporate governance, labor and employment, taxation, trading, antitrust, arbitration and litigation. The Japan-related Business Group also draws on its longstanding relationships with law firms and entrepreneurs throughout Japan to advise our Chinese clients on their investments in Japan.

Our Lawyers

JunHe’s Japan-related Business Group is composed of 20 partners and associates from our offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and includes experienced senior partners and energetic young partners.  Many of the partners in the Japan-related Business Group have served for years with Japanese companies and received their education in Japan, thus offering clients the precise skills needed for each particular transaction.  Beyond their professional legal backgrounds, many of the lawyers in the Japan-related Business Group have specialized academic degrees in the Japanese language.  They are proficient in Japanese and English to serve our clients effectively and with high-quality expertise.

Key Practice Areas

  • Transaction structuring, due diligence investigation, negotiations and legal document drafting for Japanese companies with respect to their investments in China and mergers and acquisitions. Assist clients with obtaining approvals from competent governmental authorities and filing of concentration of business operators.

  • Advise Japanese companies operating in China on compliance, labor and employment and taxation.

  • Provide legal services to handle the restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation of Japanese companies operating in China.

  • Providing legal services to clients in areas such as cybersecurity and data protection.

  • Representing foreign and domestic companies in arbitration and litigation proceedings.

  • Assisting clients in addressing the legal issues concerning anti-unfair competition and antitrust.

  • Providing Chinese companies with legal services, including the design of transaction structures, due diligence, participation in negotiations, the drafting of legal documents, notification of concentration of undertakings, and assistance in the declaration formalities under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, for all aspects of their investments in Japan.

Deep Practice Experience

With a perspective accumulated from years of experience, the Japan-related Business Group earns acclaim and confidence for its in-depth legal expertise, ability to address business issues and rigorous work ethic.  Additionally, our Japan-related Business Group also offers its affluent resources in various sectors in Japan to serve Chinese businesses efficiently and effectively in connection with their investments in Japan.

Recent Representative Cases

Mergers and Acquisitions

Providing legal services to Japanese companies for all aspects of mergers and acquisitions in automobile, mining, electricity generation, pharmaceuticals, financing lease, machinery manufacturing, real estate and IT sectors, including advising clients on transaction structuring, conducting due diligence investigations, negotiating, preparing transaction documentsand representing clients in notifying concentration of undertakings.

Restructuring and Liquidation

Representing Japanese companies in electronic components, food and other industries in their restructurings and liquidations resulting from relocation or business alignment. This includes assisting clients in developing their restructuring or liquidation plans, conducting due diligence investigations, negotiating compensation packages with the government, preparing legal documents, legal aspects of employee relocation services, and handling the full set of liquidation formalities.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Providing legal services to foreign investment and domestic enterprises related to data export, data compliance audits, data security assessments, data risk control management, the design and formulation of enterprise personal information/data management systems, the drafting of App privacy policies and user agreements, and the classified protection of cybersecurity.  JunHe is experienced in cybersecurity and data protection in sectors such as internet technology, health and medical treatment, electricity, insurance and industrial informatization.



Providing compliance-related legal services to Japanese companies and their invested enterprises in China related to anti-unfair competition, advertising, antitrust, the protection of personal information, and environmental protection.


Corporate Legal Services

Providing legal services to Japanese companies and their invested enterprises in China on a full range of issues related to labor and employment, taxation and day-to-day operations, including contract reviews, internal controls and regular legal advice.


Dispute Resolution

Representing Japanese companies and their invested enterprises in China in their litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution proceedings, such as litigation and arbitration for the recovery of receivables and shareholder disputes over joint ventures. This includes assisting clients in developing litigation strategies, drafting various legal documents, representing clients at trial and applying for the enforcement of court judgments and arbitral awards.


Investment in Japan

Working collaboratively with Japanese lawyers to provide legal services to Chinese companies on their investments in Japan, including acquisitions by Chinese private companies of Japanese public companies. Working with the support of Japanese lawyers, our team conducts work such as the design of transaction structures and due diligence investigations, participates in negotiations, prepares transaction documents, notifies concentration of undertakings, and assists in the declaration formalities under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.