Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance

JunHe is one of the pioneers in the area of EHS law practice. JunHe provides full-life cycle and well-rounded legal services in the EHS area for their clients, including project development and the establishment of joint ventures (such as obtaining approvals and necessary permits for construction projects), M&As and the daily operations of manufacturing enterprises. The team also has expertise in the areas of EHS compliance evaluation and consulting, EHS training, government investigations and administrative hearings, and reconsideration and litigation in connection with government penalties. JunHe’s EHS team serves a broad range of clients in the chemical, material, medical, aircraft, automobile, semi-conductor, engineering technology and testing, food and consumption industries.


JunHe maintains close working relationship with top law firms around the world, including routine cooperation with Latham & Watkins’ global environmental practice group. JunHe also collaborates with Latham & Watkins, the Environmental Law Institute and the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China in an initiative for the establishment of China International Business Dialogue on Environmental Governance (CIBDEG) and the organization of relevant Roundtables and activities.  In 2019, CIBDEG won the “Innovation in Collaboration” award by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers.

JunHe’s provision of legal services covers the following aspects:

  • Special EHS compliance audits and supply chain EHS compliance audits

  • Legal advice on project establishment and permits related to closure, suspension, merger and transfer, environmental impact assessment,  safety assessment and other regulatory formalities

  • Legal advice on the zoning issue and the evaluation of relocation risks

  • Legal advice on the regulation of new chemicals and special substances

  • Legal advice on the regulation of dangerous chemicals and major hazard sources

  • Legal advice on the circulation and disposal regulations of solid waste, hazardous waste and other types of waste

  • Legal advice on the regulation of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  • Legal advice on the conservation and regulatory requirements for endangered wildlife

  • Drafting and legal advice on agreements related to work safety and fire safety management

  • Legal advice on the prevention and regulation of occupational diseases

  • Dealing with environmental pollution incidents and safety production incidents

  • Building EHS compliance systems and providing EHS compliance training

  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings and litigations

Recent Representative Cases

  • Conducted comprehensive EHS compliance audits on multinational companies and their suppliers 

  • Advised multinational companies on the regulation of new chemical substances (whether applicable and whether exempted)

  • Assisted multinational companies in drafting compliance audit checklists on the suppliers transporting and disposing of solid waste and hazardous waste

  • Assisted multinational companies in drafting agreements between them and their suppliers transporting and suppliers disposing of hazardous waste and solid waste

  • Assisted multinational companies in solving issues relating to the hazardous waste in imported used parts and equipment and the Basel Convention

  • Advised multiple EHS clients on the identification and regulation of defective products, byproducts, solid waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and radioactive waste

  • Assisted several multinational companies in assessing pollution-related relocation risks and advised on plans for pollution control (including remediation of soil and groundwater water pollution caused by hazardous waste) 

  • Assisted enterprises in drafting safety production management agreements, covering EHS compliance management and supplier management

  • Guiding and accompanying companies to deal with various types of environmental protection administrative proceedings, and assisted in drafting the pleadings / completing the hearing procedures, including, without limitation, construction without approval, going into production without construction acceptance, excessive discharge of wastewater pollutants, excessive VOC contents, unorganized emission of VOC, improper response to emergency emission reduction, incompleteness in environmental protection management records, issues in relation to labeling requirements for hazardous substances and waste, illegal stacking of sludge, and leakage in a warehouse for hazardous substances and waste

  • Represented a multinational natural resources company in a case involving a suspected crime of waste smuggling, which covered issues such as the identification of solid waste, environmental impact assessments, HS classifications, the application of product standards, the definition of customs declaration responsibilities, and the determination of liabilities of domestic and foreign entities. JunHe’s team successfully persuaded the procuratorate not to file a lawsuit through continuous communication with them and the other governmental authorities

  • Represented a large-scale grid company in a dispute regarding the infringement of rights relating to environmental pollution

  • Represented a multinational catering company in a dispute regarding the infringement of rights relating to environmental pollution