Education Compliance

JunHe’s education law team consists of partners who have years of practical experience in various segments of the education industry. Our education law team is a cross-disciplinary team that pays close attention to industry trends and developments in the industry. Its members are legal professionals from teams such as compliance, corporate and M&A, domestic and foreign IPO and debt issuance, real estate, private equity/venture capital, intellectual property, taxation, labor and dispute resolution.

Recent Representative Cases

Classification Management Compliance

JunHe provides the following services for classification management compliance: Analysis of the status of an educational institution (including its history, asset ownership, claims and debts, legal relations and internal management systems) and based on the analysis and the Private Education Promotion Law (as amended) (PEPL) and regulations promulgated thereunder,  assist the educational institution and its founder(s) in identifying classification management policies and formulating future business strategies, provide the educational institution with a comprehensive, systematic and targeted solution to eliminate potential risks arising in its course of business, protect the legal rights and interests of the educational institution and its founder(s) on an on-going basis and design and adjust the position, structure and relationship of the educational institution.

Services available from JunHe include but are not limited to:

  • Assist the Client in Analyzing the Basic Status of an Educational institution and its Legal Relations with its Affiliates

  • Issue Advice on Classification Management and Provide Solutions to the Adjustment of the Operational Structure of an Education Group

JunHe can provide advice on classification management solutions based on due diligence conducted, relevant information obtained from each client, applicable laws and regulations, experience of similar projects, the actual status of the client, the possible impact of the implementation of the new PEPL and the development objectives of the client.  JunHe can also provide reliable solutions and recommendations for educational institutions to determine whether to register as a for-profit or non-for-profit private educational institution, and guidance for its future business strategy plans and sustainable and healthy operation.

JunHe can provide a design and adjustment plan for the operating structure of the education group, based on the applicable laws and regulations and the client’s development plans. This includes assisting the client in building the operating structure of the education group, designing the operating mode and cooperation mode of the educational institution and its founder, and amending the overall layout of the logistics service operating company.

Assistance in Reviewing and Revising Relevant Legal Documents

JunHe can assist with drafting relevant legal documents required for the implementation of the plan, including but not limited to relevant service agreements, resolutions of decision-making bodies, loan agreements and articles of association, and advise the client on the revision and application of such legal documents.


Related Transaction Compliance

JunHe’s services include:

(1)Summarizing the basic status of each client and issuing due diligence reports and legal opinions;

(2)Assisting with the preparation of the relevant legal documents.

JunHe can assist in drafting, reviewing, revising and perfecting relevant legal documents, including but not limited to articles of association, loan agreements, education management agreements, logistics service agreements, technologic service agreements and board resolutions, and advise the client on the application of the above-mentioned legal documents.


Compliance in relation to Providing Overseas Programs and Training Courses and Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Programs

JunHe’s services include:

(1) Advising clients on compliance issues in relation to providing overseas programs and training courses and Sino-foreign cooperative education programs;

(2) Advising clients intending to establish for-profit high schools on issues with respect to the establishment;

(3) Considering filings in relation to Sino-foreign cooperative education programs as well as the needs of the client, assist with the merger of existing founding entities and newly established for-profit high schools.