Banking and Finance

With the deepening of global economic integration, a considerable number of the international financial institutions and multinational corporations entering China have sought innovative and strategic legal services from JunHe.  Additionally, JunHe has worked with many Chinese and foreign-funded financial institutions to assist them in becoming more compatible with internationally accepted practice, while staying compliant with current PRC laws. JunHe takes advantage of the international background and local practice experience of its professionals to continue to innovate within the framework of the existing PRC laws and to meet the various business needs of their clients.

Our Team

The lawyers in JunHe’s finance team have all graduated from the famous law schools in China and the world and have solid legal expertise as well as practical experience in various prestigious law firms. They have been at the forefront of the market and have been involved in a number of landmark transactions in the banking and finance sector in China, and are thus able to solve structural issues in an innovative manner. They have provided services for all kinds of financial institutions in China for many years. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the lawyers in our finance team have vast experience in providing services for various international clients, they know best the international finance practice and the needs of our international clients. This enables them to be a bridge of communication between any PRC and foreign party. Further, due to their frequent involvement in financial legislation and their permanent positive communication with various financial regulatory authorities and trade associations in China, they have the ability to construe and identify any change to finance laws and policies.  

Key Practice Areas

  • Bilateral loans and syndicated loans.  JunHe undertakes several bilateral and syndicated loan projects throughout China each year and their clients include Chinese and foreign-funded banks active in the PRC market.  These may include foreign, RMB and mixed-currency loans and may involve foreign-invested enterprises, listed companies and State-owned large, medium and private enterprises from various sectors including automobile, chemical engineering, retail and real estate.

  • Acquisition and leveraged finance.  JunHe has acted for domestic and international banks in dozens of acquisition and leveraged finance projects involving onshore and/or offshore assets. Acquisition targets of such financing cover a broad spectrum of industrial sectors including real estate, TMT, infrastructure, energy and resources and other manufacturing areas.  The team has been taking a leading position in leveraged finance extended to privatize Chinese concept stocks from overseas stock exchanges.

  • Merger/acquisition of financial institutions. JunHe has advised many international financial institutions in their strategic investment in PRC commercial banks, securities firms, insurance companies and fund management companies. In recent years, JunHe also represented sovereign wealth funds and private equity houses in their investments in a number of internet finance companies and wealth management firms.

  • Project finance.  JunHe has vast experience in project finance in various sectors including subways, highways, airports, hydropower, nuclear power, thermopower, wharves and other infrastructures. They also have experience in providing legal expertise in industries such as petrochemicals, automobiles and semiconductors.

  • Trade finance

  • Asset and aircraft finance 

  • Derivatives and structured finance 

  • Restructuring and Insolvency

  • Banking and financial markets regulation 

  • Asset management