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JunHe Wins their 14th “ALB China Employer of Choice” Award. The Managing Partners of 12 JunHe Offices Reveal their Secrets to Success.


On April 21, 2023, Asian Legal Business (ALB) announced the rankings of their 2023 China Employer of Choice. All law firm employees in mainland China participated in ALB’s annual Employer of Choice survey, delivering feedback in areas such as career development,  prospects, and job satisfaction. Once again, JunHe has made it to this year’s ALB China Employer of Choice rankings. Having received this honor for the 14th time, the managing partners of 12 JunHe offices would like to share their thoughts on what makes JunHe so popular and uncover the “secret ingredient” of JunHe that was created over 34 years ago.

HUA, Xiaojun (Warren), Managing Partner of JunHe (Beijing office)

“Harmony in diversity brings about success” is not only a famous Confucian philosophy but is the cultural essence of JunHe. We are dedicated to building a harmonious working environment at JunHe based on the core values of diversity and inclusiveness, so as to offer a vast degree of career development for our employees. The title of Employer of Choice for the 14th time demonstrates the  recognition of JunHe’s  culture by its employees, and their expectations of future success. 

SHAO, Chunyang (Shanghai office)

JunHe provides a secure and safe environment to our employees by caring about life/work balance and helping with career development.  We create room for growth and allow staff to see a clear path to advancement . JunHe has given confidence, strength and hope to our employees for over 30 years. 

ZHANG, Jianwei (Shenzhen office)

We are grateful for ALB’s affirmation for another year. This is welcome recognition of our clients’ long-standing trust, support and help and especially for the unity and efforts of all JunHe employees. Every JunHe staff member is excited and encouraged by this great honor. By sticking to our traditions of “harmony”, we will continue to create value for our clients, for society, and for every JunHe staff member.

ZHANG, Ping (Guangzhou office)

Among the various honors we receive each year, JunHe sees the Employer of Choice award as the most important one. We offer cost effective remuneration packages, and provide a fair, transparent environment to cultivate young talent. JunHe provides a ladder towards their career goals, making us a true ‘Employer of Choice’..  

DE, Lihua (Theresa) (Hong Kong office)

This award shows that our performance in the highly competitive legal market has been fully recognized again by the industry, which will in turn have a positive impact in terms of our  recruiting and our legal business. The Employer of Choice award proves again that our valuable partners and lawyers are recognized by the firm. Well done JunHe!

ZHU, Jian (James J. Zhu, Ph.D.) (Silicon Valley office)

It is a great honor that JunHe has won Employer of Choice again this year. The award is recognition of the talent, professionalism and enthusiasm of all at the firm. They are the backbone of JunHe. Since our commencement, we have been devoted to innovation based on the concept of “harmony”, to achieve excellence and provide quality legal services to our clients. We value teamwork, respect differences, and tolerate individuality. By doing so, we create a cordial and friendly atmosphere for each and every employee, making them feel that they are valued, and letting them grow. We embrace changes and innovation, endeavoring to provide the best legal solutions to our clients in challenging times. We will continue to support and empower our associates and staff members, as they are the most valuable assets of JunHe.  

DU, Jiang (John Du) (New York office)

JunHe is people oriented and this core value has been handed down over the past 30 years. JunHe’s population and business scale has increased multiple times, but our core values remain unchanged. This is why JunHe retains its valued staff members.

ZHANG, Xingzhong (Hangzhou office)

An important reason why JunHe has been awarded “ALB China Employer of Choice” for 14 years is that we place the cultivation of employees at the center of our policies. Associates are taught by partners without reservation and are encouraged to excel. Promotion schemes and clear career prospectus are arranged for employees. The firm cares about the balance of effort with rewards and with professional pride, employees will grow along with JunHe. The company cares about its staff members who enjoy both material and moral security at JunHe. The title “Employer of Choice” is the glory reflected by the reliance and enthusiasm of every JunHe team member. We will forge ahead with pride at this recognition.

LIU, Xuezheng (Qingdao office)

"2023 ALB China Employer of Choice" is an honor but it is also a duty at JunHe;

It is not the final result, but part of a process; 

It is not to be used for boasting, but it is to be maintained; 

It is not only an annual target, but a life-long one. 

TANG, Qianhong (Chengdu office)

JunHe is a family of like-minded people. We love our profession, work together and share our success. The title of “China Employer of Choice” is not only an honor, but welcome recognition of JunHe’s management model.

ZHANG, Xiangbin (Dalian office)

The most important asset of our law firm has always been our lawyers. It is only if our employees continue being valuable that they can create even greater worth for our firm and lay a solid foundation for JunHe’s long-term development. This is the 14th time that JunHe has won the title of "ALB China Employer of Choice", which proves the merit of JunHe’s employees.  Once again it explains the main reason and driving force for JunHe’s steady development since its inception 34 years ago.

XIA, Ruhai (Haikou office)

JunHe won the title of "ALB China Employer of Choice " for the 14th time, which is high recognition of JunHe’s brand and model.  The positive feedback of JunHe staff members to the pleasant, open and equal working atmosphere and growth mechanism of the company is to be treasured. 

JunHe is the only Chinese law firm to be admitted as a member of Lex Mundi and Multilaw, two international networks of independent law firms. JunHe and selected top law firms in major European and Asian jurisdictions are “best friends.” Through these connections, we provide high quality legal services to clients doing business throughout the world.
As the first carbon neutrality fund sponsored by a law firm in China, the BAF Carbon Neutrality Special Fund was jointly established by JunHe and the Beijing Afforestation Foundation (BAF) to promote carbon neutral initiatives, and encourage social collaboration based on the public fundraising platform to mobilize engagement in public welfare campaigns.