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JunHe Advised Fulai New Material on the Public Issuance of its Convertible Debentures


On February 7, 2023, Zhejiang Fulai New Material Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: Fulai New Material, stock code: 605488) successfully completed the issuance and listing of convertible debentures on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. A total of RMB 429,018,000 was raised in the issuance, which will mainly be used for financing the development of new eco-friendly functional laminating film material projects and for general working capital purposes.

Fulai New Material was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 13, 2021. The company produces advertising inkjet printing materials, label identification printing materials, electronic grade functional materials, functional substrate and other products, and owns well-known brands such as Fly center, Meishen, and Ou Li Digital. It has rich industry experience and possesses several core technologies in the polymer structure design of adhesive layers, the selection and use of functional additives, coating solution preparation processes and preparation environment controls. It has capabilities in product precision coating, coating microstructure design and realization, and multi-functional coating composite applications, and has participated in the formation of various national and industry standards.

After assisting Fulai New Material in its IPO on the SSE main board, JunHe continued to provide the company with comprehensive, professional and efficient legal services. Acting as the issuer’s counsel in this project, JunHe advised on all aspects of the issuance of convertible debentures, including but not limited to conducting due diligence, issuing lawyer’s work reports and legal opinion, and responding to comments and feedback from the regulators. JunHe’s team worked closely and communicated extensively with the company and the other intermediaries to promote the advancement of the project, which has earned it high recognition and praise among the company and the other parties to the project.

JunHe’s team was led by partners YOU, Yi, FENG, Ai and SHEN, Na, with strong support from partners XIA, Ruhai (internal review) and XIAHOU, Yinchu.

JunHe is the only Chinese law firm to be admitted as a member of Lex Mundi and Multilaw, two international networks of independent law firms. JunHe and selected top law firms in major European and Asian jurisdictions are “best friends.” Through these connections, we provide high quality legal services to clients doing business throughout the world.
As the first carbon neutrality fund sponsored by a law firm in China, the BAF Carbon Neutrality Special Fund was jointly established by JunHe and the Beijing Afforestation Foundation (BAF) to promote carbon neutral initiatives, and encourage social collaboration based on the public fundraising platform to mobilize engagement in public welfare campaigns.