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JunHe Represented Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd. to Win a Lawsuit in which the Web Game “Legend of Dominance Tour” Infringed on the IP of “The Legend of MIR 2”


“Legend of MIR 2” (MIR2, which is called《热血传奇》in its Chinese version) has operated in mainland China since 2001, and is a classic client game that has been enjoying and has had popularity in China, with the MIR 2 game-related annual turnover amounting to ten billion Yuan. Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd. (“Wemade”) is the developer of MIR2. The JunHe team has represented Wemade in the case of a dispute over infringement of MIR2 copyright and unfair competition by Shanda’s web game “Legend of Dominance Tour” in China since 2003. The case finally ended with a compromise reached between both parties in 2007, and attracted much attention in China.

The web game “Legend of Dominance Tour” is not authorized by Wemade, but was launched online in November 2014 by 37 Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd, which has asked for celebrity endorsement, organized national cash league, and has absorbed billions in cash. In April 2016, JunHe again represented Wemade in filing a lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court in respect of the suspected unauthorized use of a large number of elements of MIR2 in the web game “Legend of Dominance Tour”, and the alleged adaptation by MIR2 under the other unfair competition act. After commencement of the work, faced with the long-term and complexity of the case, JunHe removed the obstacles for litigation through pushing forward a series of overseas legal procedures. On December 28, 2018, Wemade finally received the expected judgment in its favor from the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. In the long judgement containing 84 pages, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court ruled that the web game “Legend of Dominance Tour” infringed on the copyright of "The Legend of Mir 2” and constituted false publicity, and called on the defendant involved in this case to stop the service of “Legend of Dominance Tour” immediately and close down its web game, whilst ending false publicity. 

In this complex web game infringement case, which covered a wide range of suspected infringement acts, lasting for a long period of time and involved a large number of subjects, JunHe represented the client to ultimately win the case in their favor. The JunHe team’s work was highly recognized and appreciated by the client. 

This leading partners for this project were ZOU, Weining and SUN, Tao.

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