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JunHe Assists Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd. on its Public Issuance of Convertible Bonds


Recently, Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wingtech Technology", stock code: 600745) successfully issued RMB 8.6 billion convertible corporate bonds (bond code: 110081) and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "this issuance"). The funds raised in this issuance will be used primarily for Wingtech’s Wuxi Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project, Wingtech’s Kunming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project (phase II), and Wingtech’s India Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project, mobile intelligent terminal and accessories R&D center construction project, and replenishing working capital and repaying bank loans.

Wingtech Technology's main business is the R & D and manufacturing of communication terminal products, semiconductors and new electronic components, and includes two main business sectors: mobile terminals and semiconductors. The company has a full industrial chain layout from semiconductor product design, wafer manufacturing, assembly and testing to the R&D and manufacturing of communication terminals, laptops, IoT, intelligent hardware, and automotive electronic products. The mobile terminal sector is involved in the R & D and manufacturing of mobile terminals, intelligent hardware, laptops, virtual reality, Internet of Vehicles, automotive electronics and other products in the field of the Internet of Things. The company has Chinese leading ecological platform for mobile terminals and the intelligent hardware industry, and is a leading ODM company with the largest volume of mobile phone shipments in the world. The semiconductor sector is mainly operated by the wholly-owned subsidiary Nexperia Holding B.V., which is a world-famous semiconductor IDM company, formerly known as the standard product division of NXP. Nexperia Holding B.V.'s market share is in the top three in the world for discrete devices, logic devices and MOSFET devices.

JunHe has served Wingtech Technology for many years. This project is another major financing project following the company’s acquisition of the control of Nexperia Holding B.V. in 2019 and the acquisition of the minority equity of Nexperia Holding B.V. in 2020. JunHe acted as the issuer’s lawyer and provided continuous and in-depth legal services, including but not limited to carrying out legal due diligence, coordinating overseas lawyers to issue overseas legal opinions issuing lawyers' work reports and legal opinion, and responding to feedback inquiries from the CSRC. JunHe’s team communicated and cooperated effectively with the company and the intermediary teams of all parties, which promoted the smooth approval of the issuance by the CSRC. The team was highly recognized by the company and the other intermediary teams for its consistently efficient, rigorous and stable work style and meticulous, professional service attitude.

This project was led by Partners Mr. SHI, Tiejun, Ms. LIU, Xin, Ms. SHEN, Jiang (Lily) and Mr. BU, Zhen

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