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JunHe Assisted SG Micro Corp with Listing of Shares on GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange


On June 6, 2017, SG Micro Corp (Share Code: 300661, hereinafter referred to as SG) was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. For this listing, SG publically issued 15,000,000 shares at the price of RMB29.82 per share to raise RMB447,300,000 in total. 

SG is mainly engaged in R&D and marketing of analog IC products, particularly including high-performance analog IC products in the fields of signal chain and power management.  SG produces over 800 models of products for sale, which are widely used in the fields of communications, consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical device, automobile electronics, etc.  SG has mastered advanced techniques of analog IC design and development and developed a lot of highly reliable and consistent analog IC products and currently is a leading domestic company of design of high-performance and high-quality analog IC products. 

JunHe, as legal counsel of SG, began to work for this project from 2015 and has assisted SG with many major legal issues by demonstrating the legality of demolishing the red-chip structure and the reasonability of SG Hong Kong subsidiary not paying taxes in both mainland China and Hong Kong and by advising SG in respect of identifying of actual controller, customs-related administrative penalty, unimportant administrative penalty, etc. 

The lead partner for this Case is Mr. Shi Tiejun. 

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