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JunHe Honored in the Chambers Asia-Pacific Rankings 2018


The Chambers Asia-Pacific Awards 2018 were announced on December 7, 2017. The rankings honor the work of law firms across the Asia-Pacific region over the past 12 months. JunHe has retained its leading position in the field, winning awards in 22 different ranked departments (eight of those in Band 1). Thirty-eight JunHe lawyers were named Ranked Lawyers, including Mr. Wei Xiao, who was named a “Senior Statesman”. Mr. Hongli Ma and Mr. Chunyang Shao were named as “Eminent Practitioners”, and eight other JunHe partners were ranked in Band 1. 

Since its establishment in 1969, Chambers and Partners has provided the most professional legal rating standards in the field. With more than 170 researchers in its team, Chambers investigates law firms worldwide and honors the top law firms and lawyers based on their clients’ responses, surveys and market data. This is Chambers 10th year in China and the number of its ranked lawyers in China has risen to 27.  

22 Ranked Departments

Band 1

  • Aviation: Finance (PRC Firms) 

  • Banking & Finance (PRC Firms)

  • Capital Markets: Hong Kong and Overseas Issuances

  • Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong (PRC Firms) 

  • Corporate/M&A (PRC Firms) 

  • Employment (PRC Firms) 

  • Energy & Natural Resources (PRC Firms) 

  • Projects & Infrastructure (PRC Firms) 

Band 2

  • Capital Markets: Domestic Issuances 

  • Competition/Antitrust (PRC Firms) 

  • Dispute Resolution: Beijing (PRC Firms) 

  • Dispute Resolution: Shanghai (PRC Firms) 

  • Insurance (PRC Firms) 

  • Intellectual Property: Litigation (PRC Firms) 

  • Investment Funds (PRC Firms) 

  • Tax (PRC Firms) 

Band 3

  • International Trade/WTO: Respondent (PRC Firms) 

  • Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment (PRC Firms) 

  • Real Estate (PRC Firms) 

  • Restructuring/Insolvency (PRC Firms) 

  • Technology, Media, Telecoms (TMT) (PRC Firms) 

Other Noted Firms

  • Healthcare (PRC Firms)

38 Ranked Lawyers,44 Awards

Senior Statesmen

XIAO, Wei                           Corporate/M&A

Eminent Practitioner

MA, Hongli                          Corporate/M&A

SANG, Binxue                     Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment

SHAO, Chunyang               Capital Markets: Debt & Equity

Star Individuals

MA, Jianjun                         Employment

Band 1

Jeffrey Wilson                      Employment: Foreign Legal Consultants

LIU, Dali (David)                   Banking & Finance

QIN, Yu (Bill)                         Projects & Infrastructure

Yung Yung Janet Hui          Competition/Antitrust: Foreign Legal Consultants

YI, Fang                                Projects & Infrastructure

ZHANG, Jianwei                  Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong

ZHANG, Ping                       Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong

ZHOU, Xianfeng (Elvis)       Projects & Infrastructure

Band 2

CHENG, Hong (Julie)          Tax

DENG, Liang (Teresa)         Insurance

LI, Qi (Adam)                       Corporate/M&A

SHI, Tiejun                            Capital Markets: Debt & Equity

QIN, Yu (Bill)                        Energy & Natural Resources

WANG, Zhaohui (Zoe)         Intellectual Property: Foreign Legal Consultants

YI, Fang                                Energy & Natural Resources

ZHAO, Xiyong (Sammuel)    Investment Funds

ZHOU, Hui (Nelson)              Banking & Finance

ZHOU, Xianfeng (Elvis)        Construction

ZHU, He (George)                 Energy & Natural Resources

Band 3

BAI, Hongjuan                      Employment

FENG, Minghao (Gordon)    Employment 

HUA, Xiaojun (Warren)         Corporate/M&A

MA, Qiang                             Intellectual Property: Litigation

SANG, Binxue                       Corporate/M&A

TANG, Weiyang (David)        International Trade/WTO: Respondent

WANG, Gang (Gavin)            Banking & Finance

WANG, Yi                               Capital Markets: Debt & Equity

WEI, Yingling                         Competition/Antitrust

ZHANG, Liping (Nancy)        Real Estate

ZHOU, Yong (Z.)                    International Trade/WTO: Respondent

Band 4

YU, Yongqiang (YY)                Capital Markets: Debt & Equity

Up and Coming

GONG, Mingfang                    Competition/Antitrust

Recognised Practitioner

WANG, Dongpeng                   Employment

XIE, Qing (Natasha)                 Investment Funds

Yung Yung Janet Hui              Technology, Media, Telecoms (TMT)

YU, Xueping                             Real Estate

ZHANG, Jianwei                      Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong

ZHAO, Min                                Reconstructing/Insolvency

Spotlight Table

TONG, Ke (Kirk)                     Corporate/M&A: Foreign Legal Consultants

JunHe is the only Chinese law firm to be admitted as a member of Lex Mundi and Multilaw, two international networks of independent law firms. JunHe and selected top law firms in major European and Asian jurisdictions are “best friends.” Through these connections, we provide high quality legal services to clients doing business throughout the world.