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Recruitment Notice: Mr. Zhenfeng Yan Joins JunHe As Partner


Mr. YAN, Zhenfeng has joined JunHe as a partner. Prior to joining JunHe, he was the director for legal affairs in Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (“COMAC”) and general counsel for COMAC customer service business. Before joining COMAC, he practiced law in law firms in New York and Beijing, and worked as an in-house counsel in China Netcom Guangdong Branch.



Mr. Zhenfeng Yan’s main practice areas include aviation, finance, and capital market. He has 13 years of legal experience, of which eight were devoted to the aviation industry. His aviation experience and research range from air transport and business aviation to the quickly emerging general aviation sector in China, and covers aircraft finance, aircraft and engine sale and purchase, aircraft and engine leasing, airline code sharing, parts and material support, flight hour technical service, sale of used aircraft, joint ventures and various regulatory matters. He has advised a number of manufacturers, financiers, lessors and airlines on aircraft sales and leasing, and aviation commercial and regulatory law matters.


YAN, Zhenfeng has a specialized understanding of aviation policies, laws, and regulations, as well as hands-on experience with how these policies, laws and regulations are implemented in the real world. He is very familiar with the Cape Town Convention (the “CTC”) and has compiled a consolidated version of the CTC, the Aircraft Protocol and China’s Declarations. He knows very well how the CTC interacts with Chinese Civil Procedure Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Civil Aviation Law, Secured Transactions Law, Enterprise Bankruptcy Law and other related laws and regulations, and is capable of issuing fulsome CTC opinions.


As one of the largest and leading domestic law firms with international recognition, JunHe has succeeded in attracting and retaining the most talented legal professionals and offering them a platform where they can fully use their skills whilst developing their careers. Mr. Yan will definitely strengthen the certain practicing area of JunHe. In the meanwhile, we believe that JunHe can provide a promising platform for his future development.

JunHe is the only Chinese law firm to be admitted as a member of Lex Mundi and Multilaw, two international networks of independent law firms. JunHe and selected top law firms in major European and Asian jurisdictions are “best friends.” Through these connections, we provide high quality legal services to clients doing business throughout the world.