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JunHe Independently Represented a State-owned Oil Company to Win a Case at an Important International Arbitration


Recently, JunHe represented a state-owned oil company to win a case of dispute involving an overseas oilfield entitlement at an international arbitration. This dispute arose from the acquisition by a state-owned oil company of an overseas oilfield. A UK oil company represented by an international law firm requested that the state-owned oil company pay the share of the oil revenue, which was not satisfied; it then filed arbitration against the state-owned oil company. In the Swiss arbitration that applies the UNCATRAL Rules, JunHe as the sole attorney of the state-owned oil company, put forward a strong defense according to the arbitration rules and applicable laws, and refuted the various claims of the international law firm who acted on behalf of the UK oil company. In the end, the arbitral tribunal made an award in favor of our party in the three major disputed issues of the case, and twice rejected the application by the international law firm who acted on behalf of the UK oil company, for taking temporary measures during the arbitration process. JunHe, representing the state-owned oil company, won a complete victory in the areas of procedural issues and substantial legal issues. 


The lead partners of this case are attorneys LI, Qing, ZHOU, Jun and Chen Luming.

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