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JunHe Assisted Huizhou China Eagle Electronics Technology Company Limited in its Non-Public Offering of Stocks


Huizhou China Eagle Electronics Technology Company Limited (“CEE” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 002579) obtained from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) the “Official Reply for Approval of the Non-Public Offering of Stocks by Huizhou China Eagle Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.” (CSRC Approval [2016] No.1298) dated June 3, 2016, which agrees to approve the non-public offering by the Company of no more than 19,490,000 new shares. The total amount of capital raised through this non-public offering is no more than RMB 227,448,300. 


CEE is a high-tech enterprise supported by the State, which mainly engages in the research and development, and the production and sale of new types of electronic parts and components (high density and high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards). After many years of development, the Company has accumulated extensive practical experience in the PCB field, and has established complete R&D, technology, production, sales and management systems. The Company’s products are mainly used in such fields as consumer electronics, network communications, computer peripherals and automotive electronics.


JunHe as CEE’s regular legal counsel was engaged as the legal advisor of the issuer for this non-public offering, and participated in the whole process of this non-public offering, including the discussion and implementation of the plan for this non-public offering, due diligence investigation, the drafting of relevant documents, the preparation of filing materials, and replying to the feedback.


The lead partners of this project are attorneys ZHUANG, Wei (Janet) and Hu Yijin.

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