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JunHe Assisted CATARC in its Listing on the SZSE ChiNext Market


On March 8, 2022, the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) was listed on the SZSE ChiNext Market (stock code 301215). JunHe acted as counsel for the issuer. The Company issued 330,600,000 A-shares at the price of RMB 3.8 per share and raised a total of RMB 1,256,280,000.

A State-controlled company, CATARC is a science research institute with complete testing functions, state-of-the-art technical facilities and a long history in China and Asia. It provides field testing services for customers such as automobile, chassis component and tyre manufacturers and automobile testing institutions. The Company has 11 lanes of specialized ground facilities, with an aggregate length of 60 kilometers. It carries out tests of automobiles, parts and components, and can fulfil the business demands of Chinese automobile manufacturers and testing institutions for R&D validation tests and legal certification tests, taking into account EU and American automobile testing standards. Upon the listing, the Company is the leading automobile test stock on the Chinese capital market. 

JunHe has provided continuous and in-depth legal services to the Company since August 2019. JunHe assisted the Company in the establishment of a joint-stock company through shareholding system reform and participated in the preparation for the IPO. With the Company and the other intermediaries, JunHe’s team sorted out, analyzed, normalized and rectified the important legal issues, provided pre-IPO tutoring, applied for the IPO and replied to queries from the SZSX and CSRC. JunHe was recognized by the client and the other intermediaries for its precise and highly detailed work approach and its professional attitude. 

The undertaking attorney of this project was WEI, Wei and the internal control  attorney was YE, Junli

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