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JunHe Assists Brand Management Company Hangzhou Weinian (a contract company of Li Ziqi) to Complete a New Round of Financing


Recently, Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co. ("Hangzhou Weinian" or the "Company",) the brand management company and operating entity of the globally popular and successful "Li Ziqi" vlogger, completed a C+ round of equity financing. The investors include the new shareholder Byte Dance, as well as Huaxing New Economy Fund, Huaying Capital, and Cong Bi Qiushi. JunHe provided full legal services for Hangzhou Weinnian in this round of financing. JunHe’s team also provided full legal services for the previous Series C financing.

Weinnian Hangzhou started as an MCN business and has now developed into an expanding consumer brand company. The company's vision is to become a leading global, culture-driven company. In 2021 alone, the company won awards such as the "Top 10 China Service Innovation New Consumer Brands 2021", "Top 20 China Innovation Value Investment Enterprises", "TMALL Food Industry Summit 2021 Annual Marketing Innovation Award", and the "iSEE New Pioneer Brand". It was also named "Best Partner of TMALL", "2021 Weibo Cooperative MCN Agency”, "iSEE New Pioneer Brand", "Best Partner of TMALL ", "2021 Weibo Cooperative MCN Agency of the Year", and "2021 New List Conference Annual Value MCN".

Ms. Li Ziqi is a key partner of the company and a famous short video content creator in China. She is well-known as the "Oriental Food Lifestyler", and has been awarded many titles and awards such as the "2020 Chinese Cultural Communication Personality of the Year" and the "China New Product Consumer Festival Annual New Product Opinion Leader". Ms. Li has over 100 million followers worldwide and holds the world record as the "most subscribed Chinese YouTube channel".

In addition to Ms. Li Ziqi, the company's partners also include dozens of famous short video celebrities such as Fragrant Little Roast Chicken, Zhongni, Xia Yiwei, kakakaoo-, Nicole_Ju, WoCan A-yi, Ziwang, Fang Yuan, Ten Yuan Shiyuan, ZOEY is Zoe, Nao Nao Nao Mi, Samba Rabbit, Ye Awake, Wu Qiongqiong loves to draw, Karina and Rubbing West.

As the legal advisor to Hangzhou Weinnian, JunHe participated in the whole process of due diligence and drafted the seller's legal due diligence report. JunHe’s team discussed the transaction proposal, reviewed and revised the full set of transaction documents, negotiated with the investors on behalf of the company, and assisted the company to successfully complete this round of financing. In response to the various demands of the company, the current round of investors and the previous round of investors, JunHe helped the company to formulate a negotiation strategy and communicate with multiple investors within a very short period. JunHe’s team successfully completed the signing and delivery of the transaction documents and was highly recognized by the client.

In addition to the previous financing legal services for Series C and C+ financing, JunHe provides the company with comprehensive and in-depth legal services in various aspects and areas such as capital markets, intellectual property and brand protection strategies, acquisitions and joint ventures.

The lead partner of this project was Mr. CHEN, Xunan, and the responsible partners were Mr. CHEN, Xunan and Ms. SHEN, Na

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