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JunHe Advised Jones Tech PLC on its Non-public Offering of A-Share Stocks


The application of Jones Tech PLC (hereinafter, “Jones Tech” or the “Company”, stock code: 300684) for non-public offering of stocks in 2019 was approved by the Issuance Examination Committee of CSRC on April 3, 2020. The Company proposed to raise RMB 831 million in total through non-public offering of shares and the funds raised would be used for the development of the 5G efficient heat dissipation module construction project and supplement of working capital. On July 8, 2020, the Company disclosed the Report on the Non-public Offering of A-Share Stocks and the Listing Announcement. On July 10, the non-publicly offered stocks were listed and the issuance was successfully completed. 

During the joint review of the non-public offering of A-share stocks, the CSRC released the “New Refinancing Rules” in 2020. JunHe assisted the Company and other intermediaries to adjust the issuance plan at the earliest time in accordance with the New Refinancing Rules to complete the approval and issuance successfully, which made this project be of great representative significance. 

Jones Tech is one of the suppliers that provide technical solutions for the basic reliability problems (overheating, electromagnetic interference, environmental seals, etc.) of electronic products, with its scope of business ranging from research and development, design, production, sale and technical services of functional materials and components of electronic equipment. The Company’s main products include thermal conductivity interface materials, EMI shielding materials, artificial synthetic graphite, heat pipe/soaking plate, thermal module and power filter module, which are widely used in smart phones, communication devices, consumer electronics, smart home, automotive electronics, power electronics, medical equipment, high-end equipment manufacturing and other fields. As a national new and high-tech enterprise, Jones Tech has been making constantly investment in R&D in recent years and adhering to scientific innovation. At present, the Company’s main technologies involve: high thermal conductivity artificial synthetic graphite technology, thermal conductivity/conductivity functional polymer material technology, heat pipe/soaking plate/thermal module technology and EMC filter technology. 

Jones Tech issued 29,066,107 new A-shares in this offering by way of book building, and determined that the issuance price would be not lower than 80% of the average trading price of A-shares of the issuer 20 trading days prior to the pricing benchmark date, i.e. the issuance price was RMB 28.59 per share and the total amount of funds to be raised was RMB 830,999,999.13. The funds raised in this offering will be mainly used for the development of Highly Efficient Thermal Module Project of the 5G network and supplement of working capital.

JunHe is the general legal adviser of Jones Tech. In this project, JunHe as the counsel of the issuer, Jones Tech, was involved in the whole process of the project, including determining the issuance plan, conducting the due diligence investigation, drafting the relevant documents, preparing the application materials, and responding to the feedbacks, which effectively promoted the smooth progress of this project. In the course of the project, JunHe carried on thorough analysis and demonstration of legal issues involved, proposed multiple solutions, and actively communicated and cooperated with different parties, and played an important role in the successful completion of this project. JunHe was once again highly acclaimed by Jones Tech and other intermediaries for its meticulous, professional, efficient and experienced legal services. 

The leading partner of this case is ZHANG, Zongzhen.

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