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JunHe Assisted Shanghai Kaishan Wine & Spirits Co., Ltd. to Raise Over RMB 100 Million in Series B Financing


Recently, a new-style Chinese liquor brand – “Kaishan”, announced the completion of its Series B financing of over RMB100 million with Genesis Capital as the lead investor and HillHouse Capital and Source Code Capital as co-investors. JunHe, as the legal counsel for Kaishan on a regular basis and for this particular project, provided legal services of its Series B financing throughout the whole project.

Kaishan was established in Shanghai in 2018; it is a pioneer new – style Chinese liquor brand combining Chinese traditional craftsmanship and international brewery concept. Kaishan's original aspiration is to tackle the pain point of younger generation’s need of high-end liquor drinking, so as to find a truly acceptable brand built with long-term value and huge business space in the trillion capacity liquor market in China.

As the legal counsel for Kaishan, JunHe has participated in the whole process of this series B financing project, including design of financing transaction structure, revision and amendment of the full set of transaction documents, negotiations, communications and consultations with the new investors and existing investors on behalf of the client. In addition, we also assisted the client to carry out the contract signing and the closing smoothly.

The leading partner of this case is WANG, Yi.

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