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JunHe Assisted DMG MORI in Responding to the Anti-dumping Investigation of the Vertical Machining Center


On 16 October 2018, the Ministry of Commerce, China’s antidumping investigation authority, initiated the anti-dumping investigation against the imported vertical machining center originating in Japan and Taiwan. JunHe represented DMG MORI ASIA PTE. LTD., a manufacturer/exporter based in Japan, and provided strategic advice in terms of responding decisions for the company management. On 13 April 2020, the investigation authority decided to terminate the investigation without imposing any duty*, due to the findings that the product under investigation has not caused any material injury to the industry of Mainland China. This means that Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers/exporters, including DMG MORI ASIA PTE. LTD. have won the case in full.

This case was led by JunHe’s partners Ms. ZHANG, Ying and Mr. ZHOU, Yong (Z.).

*It is rare for China's Ministry of Commerce to terminate an anti-dumping investigation without imposing any duty, and even fewer cases were found no injur

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