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JunHe Assisted Cambridge Industries Group Limited in its Non-Public Offering of Stocks


The application of Cambridge Industries Group Limited(“Cambridge Industries” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 603083)for non-public offering of stocks in 2019 was examined and approved by the Public Offering Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on January 2, 2020. The company plans to raise 750 million yuan in total from the non-public issuance of stocks, and the raised funds will be used for the development of the high-speed optical module and the optical module of the 5G wireless communication network project, and will supplement the circulating funds. In April 2020, Cambridge Industries completed the listing of the shares newly issued in the p non-public offering on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). On April 30, the company disclosed the Report on non-public offering of A-Share and Listing Announcement, and the issue was successfully completed. The non-public offering of A-share project is the first batch of projects successfully done in accordance with the New Refinancing Rules promulgated by the CSRC in 2020, and are of representative significance. 

Cambridge Industries has been committed to expanding business opportunities in the areas of data center, cloud service, telecommunication network and 5G wireless communication and attaching great importance to the development of optical module. The company has enhanced the research and development strength of optical module related business, optimized production technology and enriched customer resources through independent research and development, process improvement and external acquisition and integration. The raised funds will be used for rapidly expanding the production capacity of optical modules, improving products and structures, speeding up strategic transformation and upgrading, striving to improve the overall service capability in the "cloud-tube-terminal" and other related links of optical communication, and deeply participating in the construction of "Broadband China", "Cloud Computing" and "5G wireless".

JunHe, as the attorney of the issuer of the non-public shares, fully participated in the discussion of the non-public shares issuance plan, due diligence, drafting of the relevant documents, preparation of the application materials, and replying to the feedbacks. After the promulgation of Refinancing New Rules, JunHe actively assisted the company in adjusting its issuance plan in accordance with the new rules. During the non-public offering, JunHe, with his rigorous and efficient work style, won unanimous praise from the client and other intermediaries again.

The leading partners of this Project are LI, Qi (Adam). The acting partner is SHANG, Shiming (George) . In addition, partners John Du and YE, Yurong provided important support in different stages of the project.

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