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JunHe Assisted ProPlus Electronics Co., Ltd. with Its Restructuring and Series A Financing


Recently, ProPlus Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ProPlus Electronics" or the "Company") announced the completion of its series A financing of hundreds of millions of yuan from investors jointly led by Shanghai Xingcheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Intel Capital. The raised funds will promote the rapid development of ProPlus Electronics and, while actively strengthening its global presence, further develop EDA products and solutions oriented to China's semiconductor industry so as to accelerate the in-depth linkage between design and manufacture of integrated circuits and enhance industrial strength. 

Since its establishment in 2010, ProPlus Electronics has been dedicated to improving the efficiency of high-end chip design tools under advanced semiconductor technology and providing world-leading, self-innovated IC design and manufacturing solutions for the industry. Over the past decade, ProPlus Electronics has grown into a global leader in high-end semiconductor device modeling, large-scale high-precision IC simulation and optimization, and semiconductor noise testing solutions, with a client base of internationally renowned IC design and manufacturing companies. ProPlus Electronics provides industry-leading integrated collaborative optimization EDA solutions ranging from semiconductor device parameter testing equipment, to high-end semiconductor device modeling/library building, as well as large-scale high-precision IC simulation and yield/reliability optimization, with a client base covering most of the internationally leading IC design and manufacturing companies. 

As the legal consultant of ProPlus Electronics, JunHe participated in the whole process of the project from the design and implementation of the restructuring scheme, preparation of transaction documents, negotiation and signing contracts with investors, to the final closing of the project. 

In the project, the lead partner is WANG, Yi and the acting partner is SUN, Xiaojia

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