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Two Successful Projects Indicating a Good Start: JunHe Assisted I-MAB BIOPHARMA and Lizhi, the First Online Audio to List on NASDAQ



On January 17, 2020, New York City time, U.S. I-Mab BIOPHARMA (“I-Mab” or the “Company”) successfully landed on NASDAQ under the stock code I-Mab. I-Mab issued 7.4074 million American Depositary Shares (“ADS”) at a per ADS price of US $14.00 per share (each 10 ADS shall be equal to 23 Common Shares of the Company). The total amount of fund raised through this offering would be approximately US $104 million if the underwriters do not exercise the over-allotment right, and approximately US $119 million if the underwriters exercise the over-allotment right.

I-Mab is an aggressive, innovative biopharmaceutical company based in China and having presence globally, whose products have entered the clinical stage. The Company focuses on major unmet treatment needs in the field of oncology and autoimmune diseases, and on developing innovative biopharmaceuticals with highly differentiated characteristics. Through independent research and development and global cooperation and other diversified models, the Company has quickly established more than 10 innovative drug pipelines from pre-clinical to clinical phase I to phase III with global competitiveness.

JunHe has been engaged as its Chinese lawyer since 2018 to help the Company complete its legal work in China, from its overseas red chip structuring and C-round financing to the listing on NASDAQ. In view of the Company's complex history and unique situation, in the context of rapid changes in market environment both at home and abroad, and constant update of domestic regulatory rules and policies, JunHe assisted the Company to accurately analyze the regulatory trends and put forward practical solutions to the legal problems involved in China, and helped the Company eventually move towards the capital market.

The leading partner for this Project is Mr. SHAO, Chunyang 

Lizhi– NASDAQ Listed

On January 17, 2020, New York time, Lizhi successfully landed on the NASDAQ, with the stock code "LIZI." Lizhi issued 4.1 million ADSs at $11 per share, raising a total of about $45.1 million if the underwriters did not exercise the overallotment rights.

Launched in 2013, Lizhi APP is now the largest UGC audio community in China, the second largest interactive audio entertainment platform in China and the second largest online audio platform in China. After the listing, Lizhi will become the first Chinese online audio industry share listing abroad.

JunHe is the underwriter’s domestic legal adviser in this Project, which started in April 2019 when the Cyberspace Administration of China ("CAC") gradually strengthened the supervision over the audio industry and implemented a series of centralized special rectification activities. Against this situation, JunHe team paid close attention to the regulatory trends and updates, and provided corresponding advice and suggestions to the underwriters by taking consideration of the regulatory policies, and was recognized by issuers, underwriters and other intermediaries for its professional and outstanding legal services, and helped Lizhi successfully list on NASDAQ.

The leading partners for this Project were Ms. ZHANG, Huanyan, Mr. WANG, Yi and Mr. SHANG, Shiming (George).

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