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JunHe Carried out Jubilant Life Sciences Limited Responding Successfully Anti-dumping Investigative of pyridine originated


On September 21, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce of China carried out anti-dumping investigation on imports of pyridine originated in India and Japan.(Jubilant Life Science Limited "JULS")— Responding to the questionnaire, after a year, after the reply of questionnaire, the defense against damages, the hearing damage, the preliminary ruling, the on-site inspection in India, the negotiation of price commitment, and the final adjudication, the anti-dumping duties of 24.6% were granted on November 20, 2013.(Other Indian and Japanese companies 47.9%-57.4%)(c). 

In the beginning of 2015, JunHe re-agent JULS filed an application with the Ministry of Commerce for review during the period. It took one year and successfully persuaded the Ministry of Commerce to reduce the anti-dumping duty rate applicable to JULS to 17.6% on February 5, 2016.(Other companies of India and Japan remaining 47.9%-57.4%)(c). 

On November 20, 2018, the Ministry of Commerce launched an expiry review (also known as Sunset Review in other countries). JunHe,at the third time, responded the court to reply the questionnaire and the defense of damage.

On November 20, 2019, the Ministry of Commerce announced the termination of investigation and will no longer impose anti-dumping duties on imported pyridine originated in India and Japan. It lasted seven years before and after, and it was all over. 

The characteristics of this case are:

1. The case of successful termination of anti-dumping duty during the final review was very rare; the usual result was that the investigation authority ruled to continue levying the anti-dumping duty for five years. 

2. The client persevered for seven years, and though he knew he had little hope, he still insisted on responding to the lawsuit and finally achieved a satisfactory result.. 

3. From the original trial to the review of the period to the expiry review, JunHe leads the client to almost all the investigation/review procedures in the design of anti-dumping system, which is rare for an enterprise. 

The leading partner of this case was ZHOU, Yong (Z.)

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