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JunHe Assisted Investors in the Round A Investment to JD Health


JD.com(NASDAQJD) released its first-quarter financial report on May 10th 2019 and announced the Round A financing agreement between investors including CPE China Fund, CICC Capital ,Baring Private Equity Asia and JD Health (a healthcare subsidiary of JD) was signed on May 9th. The amount of financing is expected to exceed USD 1 billion and investors intend to hold more than 14.5% of equity shares of JD Health on a basis of fully dilution. JD remains its controlling shareholder statue after this round of financing.


JD Health is the 3rd Unicorn founded by JD after JDD and JD Logistics which focused on business including the integration of medical retailing, medicine wholesale, Internet healthcare , healthy city, and deepening its layout in the “Internet + Healthcare” industry. This round of financing assists JD Health in exploring core business, attracting talent and new business in the healthcare field.


JunHe acted as the legal counsel for the investors and provided a series of legal services for the deal including due diligence on the JD Health related entities, business and assets, providing modification for the restructure plan and investment documents for the project.


The timetable was tough, with the JunHe team providing legal due diligence on JD Health in a harsh time and also provided valuable analysis and legal opinions to investors regarding the regulations, which examined the project managing capacity and working efficiency of JunHe’s team. The JunHe team’s high-quality, rigorous and efficient professionalism and teamwork capacity were highly regarded by the investors.


This is another major deal participated by JunHe since the Round A financing project of JD Logistics and Round B financing project of JDD.


The leading partners for the project were Mr.ZHAO, Xiyong (Sammuel) and Ms.TANG, Jie .

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