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JunHe Assisted KNT Holdings Limited in its Listing on the Mainboard of the HKEx


KNT Holdings Limited (“KNT Holdings”, stock code: 1025) was successfully listed on the mainboard of the HKEx on February 28th 2019. KNT Holdings issued 130 million shares and the issuing price was HKD 0.98 per share.

KNT Holdings has been in the U.S bridesmaid dress, wedding dress and special occasion clothing market for over 15 years, its main business is selling U.S. fashion brands and Ralph Lauren is one of its main clients. According to the Ipsos report, KNT Holdings has become the largest manufacturer of bridesmaid dresses in 2017 in term of profit.

JunHe acted as the PRC legal counsel to KNT Holdings on the project and have provided legal services to the issuer since 2016 including carding business process, due diligence, government administrative interviews, conducting PRC legal opinions, reviewing and modifying the prospectus and deal documents, giving detailed responses and explaining and addressing feedback and concerns of the HKEx, which ensured the successful listing of KNT Holdings. The JunHe team’s patient working style and working efficiencies were highly recognized by KNT Holdings, the sponsor, underwriter and other intermediaries.

The leading partners for the project were Mr. ZHANG, Ping and Mr. WAN, Jing (Joe).

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