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JunHe Assisted Cenic Media in its Acquisition of Dark Horse, the Top Independent Comic Publisher in the United States


Shanghai Cenic Cultural & Media Co., Ltd. announced that its Hong Kong subsidiary has acquired the share right control of Dark Horse, a top independent comic publisher in the United States, the acquisition has been delivered in recent days and JunHe fully participated in the deal as legal counsel to Cenic Media.

Cenic Media was founded in Shanghai in 2014, as a top domestic media firm focusing on IP, the firm has published a series of TV plays: 《校花的贴身高手》、《我的狐仙老婆》、《很纯很暧昧》、《The Legends of Monkey King》、《十年三月三十日》etc, introduced a series of overseas films:《 Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare》、《This Beautiful Fantastic》etc, which mirrors its international content operation strength.

Dark Horse was founded by Mike Richardson in 1986, and has become the third largest firm in comic sales, and the largest independent comic publisher, second only to Marvel and DC. The business includes comic publishing, IP empowerment and sales of derivatives, published comic series include:《Star Wars》、《Alien》、《Frank Miller's Sin City》、《Hellboy》、《The Predator》, adapted films based on IP include:《The Mask》、《The Legend of Tarzan》、《300》and《Hellboy》,adapted TV series based on IP are: 《The Umbrella Academy》 and 《Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen》planned to enter the global market in 2019.

JunHe, act as legal counsel to Cenic Media, fully led and participated in the complete cross-border acquisition plan、the deal tax structure plan and the design, demonstration and execution of the financing plan. JunHe assisted the client to conduct due diligence and analysis on the necessary approval from government with high-quality, rigorous and efficient legal service, traveled to the United States to lead the negotiation and finalization of the deal documents, and in the final session of the project, the JunHe team also led the drafting, negotiating, finalizing and delivering of domestic and overseas financing documents. Finally, the China firm’s acquisition in the U.S culture & entertainment field was successfully completed, and the JunHe team’s performance was highly spoken by Cenic Media.

The leading partner was Mr. JIANG, Wenjun (Kelvin), with JunHe Partner Mr. WANG, Yi and Mr. ZHOU, Hui (Nelson) providing great support and guidance to the project.

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