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JunHe Assisted Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. in Selling 25% Equity Shares of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. to BMW Holding B.V.


On October 11th 2018, JunHe, as the PRC legal counsel to Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited (“Brilliance China”), assisted Brilliance China to sell 25% equity shares of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. to BMW Holding B.V. by its indirectly owned domestic private enterprise, prolong the joint-venture contract duration of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., schedule to increase the manufacturing capacity of the existing factories and build new factories, introduce new vehicle types including new-energy vehicles. The amount of the deal is RMB 29billion approximately.

Brilliance China is one of the leading automakers in China, the business of manufacturing, selling autos and auto parts are conducted by BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. and Renault Brilliance, the automotive finance business is conducted by Brilliance-BEA Auto Finance Company Limited.

This is the first project that foreign capital pursue share controlling right in joint-venture passenger vehicle company since China announced opening the foreign capital ratio in auto industry

The leading partner for the project is Mrs. BAI,Tao, the undertaking partner and associate are Mrs. BAI, Tao and Mr. PENG, Hao.

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