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JunHe Assisted PINTEC in its NASDAQ Listing


On October 25th 2018, PINTEC (stock code: PT) was successfully listed on the NASDAQ. It was the first domestic loan assistance platform listed in the U.S capital market and the first listed fin-tec firm providing TOB service in 2018.

As a former subordinate business unit of JIMUBOX, PINTEC was dismantled from it in September 2016 and became a leading Internet finance technology service platform providing efficient、intellective retail finance solutions covering staging of consumption Scenes、personal credit、 micro and small businesses credit、wealth management and insurance brokers etc. to financial institutions and business institutions and provided tools including product development、volume offering、market operation and management monitor etc.

Since the project started, the finance regulation institutions of China issued a series of regulation documents, including(Doc.138)、(Doc.141)、(Doc.56) and(Doc.57). In the listing session, facing a complicated and uncertain regulation environment, JunHe’ s team conducted research on these new policies immediately, and provided accurate analysis and policy risk judgement on regulation trends to the underwriter by JunHe’s continuous observation on Internet finance regulation policies, and provided practical compliance advice to the PINTEC and finally assisted in PINTEC being listed successfully on the offshore capital market.

The leading partners were Mr. WANG, Yi and Mrs. SUN, Xiaojia.

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