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JunHe Assisted the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain to Receive Tencent and Hillhouse Capital's Strategic Investment


On September 30th 2018, the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain announced receiving strategic investment from Tencent and Hillhouse Capital with an amount of RMB 1 billion in total, it was the first time the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain received external capital since it was founded in 2013, Tencent and Hillhouse Capital as strategic investors invested in the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain by increasing capital. JunHe represented the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain and, participated in the project and provided legal services. 

The Aiyaya Jewelry Chain was founded in 2013, in the past 5 years, the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain has insisted on the managing principal  ”high quality but low price”, and explored a unique and creative set of business modes in the retail area with rapid development. The Aiyaya Jewelry Chain opened 27 stores in 2013, 373 stores in 2014, 1075 stores in 2015, and up til now, the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain has opened over 3000 stores around the world, offshore stores are over 1000, annual custom flow is nearly 1 billion, consumers are over 300 million, 2017 revenue is 12 billion, and now the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain is recognized as a representative enterprise in the new retail era.

The mid-term strategy goal of the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain is “100 countries, 100 billion and 10 thousand stores”—— which means entering 100 states and regions before 2022, annual revenue reaching RMB 100 billion, and global stores reaching 10000. After receiving strategic investment from Tencent and Hillhouse Capital, these 3 parties are going to strengthen cooperation in the areas of Big Data analysis, AI stores, AI retail and digitalization managing. The investment will assist in the future development of the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain, increasing the capacity in information technology、capital operation and enterprise management, accelerating the steps in AI retail areas and the offshore market and achieving their mid-term strategy goal.

JunHe, as the legal counsel to the Aiyaya Jewelry Chain, participated in the project including the restructure plan, compliance determination, negotiation with multiple parties, modification and finalization of deal documents. JunHe’s team communicated with deal parties closely and assisted in the agreement in a tight timeframe.  JunHe team’s rapid, efficient performance and professional spirit were highly praised by the clients.

The leading partners were Mr. ZHANG, Ping and Mr. WAN, Jing (Joe). The undertaking partner was Mr. WAN, Jing (Joe).

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