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JunHe Assisted Domestic Leading Educational Technology Firm LAIX in its Listing on the NYSE


On September 27th 2018, domestic leading educational technology firm LAIX (NYSE: LAIX) was successfully listed on the NYSE, the issuing price was USD12.5 per share, raising fund of USD 71.9 million in total.

LAIX was co-founded by Dr. WANG,Yi, Dr.HU,Zheren and Dr.LI,Hui in September 2012. As the first listed firm in the “ AI + Education ” area, LAIX creatively harnessed self-developed AI technology to provide a personal, efficient learning experience in English education. LAIX now owns English educational apps “English Liulishuo” and “IELTS Liulishuo” and other English learning products including “Know You English”,”Liuli Reading”, and  ”Authentic Pronunciation Lessons”.

The project lasted for six months since it was started, and JunHe, as the PRC legal counsel to the underwriter, assisted the underwriter in completing domestic legal due diligence on the issuer, reviewing and modifying the prospectus and other submission documents. In the mid and later period of the projectand < General Office of the State Council’s opinions on normative development of after-school educational institutions> were issued, the JunHe team cooperated closely with other intermediaries, successfully and efficiently completing the determinations on former regulations and opinions, and the JunHe team’s performance was highly recognized by other intermediaries. 

The leading partners were Mr. WANG, Yi and Mrs. SUN, Xiaojia

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